View Full Version : Un-Holy Cannonier Boss

07-21-2015, 04:10 PM
Have a giant robo-ish looking guy that has a head similar to the helmet of the witch king from Lotr make him dark purple with light purple vein designs some sort of shadow crystal in his chest and a giant purple neon cannon as his hands his first ability should be to fire 3 shots in the air and there will be 3 circles indicating were they land, his second ability is to fire a lazer across the arena and it will show 1 giant rectangle on the floor of the arena his third is to become invulnerable and spawn 4 minions that are shooting a invulnerability ray at the boss (btw minions are continuasly spawning through out the boss fight to prevent it from getting dull.) The ray slowly heals the boss and makes his attack stronger to prevent farming. the boss will have 3 stages in which he looses a hand and resorts to smashing with the cannon and once he reaches the his ultimate form (his third stage) he cant use his cannons and uses them as fists the abilitys would be your average melee boss abilitys except the third which he slams the ground 5 times in succesion and it sends a slow moving highly damaging shock wave that has gaps in it that will be jumpable but he wont be invulnerable how ever the minions that are spawning dont take damage from the shockwave and his name should be Un-Holy Cannonier