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07-21-2015, 04:04 PM
(Firstly, I apologize for the lack of quality. I can't scan drawings and I can't afford a drawing tablet. I just did a quick drawing in paint :p)

Behold! The mighty Magnatitan! The Living Fortress!(sort off). This mechanical creature is powered by the dark energies of the Void.


Magnatitan is a huge creature. It isn't exactly alive, so you can't actually kill it. To defeat it, you have to destroy his energy source. This is how a battle against Magnatitan would be:

1 Magnatitan moves REALLY slowly around the battlefield. It's main attacks are stomping and hitting with it's front legs. Also, it has a tower on his back that allows him to shoot powerful energy beams with a magic crystal. The energy beams have to charge, and work as a AOE type attack, so it can easily damage a whole team if together.
2 Magnatitan isn't alive so it doesn't feel pain. Also it's huge. Becouse of this, any CC ability doesn't affect him.
3 The only way to defeat it, as stated earlier, is to depower it. This is achieved killing the ACTUAL boss which is inside. Yeah, you hear me well. Magnatitan is not only a boss, is actually a dungeon.
4 You acces it's interior by a door located in his back leg. Inside the leg, there is a staircase that gets you into the main body.
5 You have to make your way through hordes of enemies that are inside. Once you get to the head. You have to fight the Shadow Tecnomancer, the real boss.
6 The tecnomancer was a trovian. He was a genious and a master engineer. He designed the blueprints for the first robotic mounts, and he built the first portals. But one of this portals was unstable, and teleported him to the Shadow Realm, where he was tortured and slaved, which transformed him. After this, he built Magnatitan for his masters.
7 The tecnomancer lost his legs becouse of the tortures he suffered, and he mutated and gained a huge size, so he moves around on top of a hoverboard. This allows him for fast travel and limited air moves. He uses this as an advantage, to stay away from possible attackers.
8 The tecnomancer is mainly ranged. Throwing wrenches and shooting laser beams are his basic attacks. If you get too close, he will burn you with his blowtorch, igniting you and setting you on fire. Wrenches also have a probability of slowing you if hit.
9 The tecnomancer is a difficult enemy, as his robotic parts allows him for extreme resistance. Also, it has an area attack (like some EMP or something like that) that stunns you for a while unless you free yourself of it. During the time he stunns you, he slowly regenerates his HP, which urges you to keep attacking.
10 The tecnomancer isn't alone. When you first attack him, he will have 5 Shadow Giants as his bodyguards, and will spawn another 5 each time he tries to heal.

Once you kill him, the Magnatitan will stop working and you will have achieved victory! ;)

The Magnatitan isn't the real problem, so it's important to reach the entrance as quick as posible. Once inside, there can be some extra objectives, (like in a big dungeon). This would weaken the tecnomancer, to make the fight easier. Obviously, the extra objectives wouldn't be a walk in the park.
The tecnomancer is powerful, but no invincible. A good, balanced, coordinated team shouldn't have too much problem defeating it. The problem is when it stuns everyone. It can turn the tides of battle, as he would heal himself totally if not attacked soon.

This is my idea for the Shadow Titan. If you like or dislike any of the points of this boss, make me know in the comments! :cool:

07-21-2015, 04:26 PM
I like the idea! But the developers might have a hard time putting in a moving dungeon that can shoot lasers, but would be amazing if they did add it. If I don't win, lets hope you do!