View Full Version : Shadow Titan: Dark Hydra

07-21-2015, 03:26 PM
The Dark Hydra is a Three aheaded Dragon with Dark powers of the night. The colors of the Dark Hydra is Dark Grey, Dark Purple and dark glowing purple. The Dark hydra dose not have wings but dose have a tail. The Dark Hydra has Dark Purple every but dark Grey is where the under neck and go all the way to the under tail tip. The Dark glowing purple is at the front shoulders, it head, back and it tail, also it looks like The Hydra Dragon is wearing glowing armor.

Normal attacks claw attack

Dark Hydra Abilities:

1. The Hydra can bite the player or three players at once (a player only can take one bite not three because each head needs it, own player.

2. The Dark Hydra will Breath Smoke that can do damage over time (if allowed makes player vision hard to see)

3.a. The Dark Hydra can make smoke storm that makes the area that the players are in hard to see, The Dark Hydra but can see dark glowing purple scales.

if number ability can't be done then 3. is a second option

3. b. The Dark Hydra can jump into the air and doing a stomp attack damaging players in a ranged area, high knockback but not effected when players are in mid air.