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Maian the Fallen.
A very long time ago, Maian was one of the great guardian protectors in the sky realm. Respected by every warrior out there, even the greatest ones. Together with his fellow guardians, they were in charge of defending the holy world of Trove from all kinds of evil. One day Maian found the love of his life. A beautiful woman named Ianah. But one day, out of nowhere a mighty shadow army rose, and invaded the sky realm, slaughtering everyone. Not even the sky realms proud warriors were a match for them. The great guardians noticed this quickly, and decided to stop this evil army from destroying the beautiful sky. Maian promised his love that he would return alive and victorious, and quickly departed to stop the invasion. Together with his allies, they fought the army with all their might and finally succeeded, defeating the army. It was a bloody battle and though the battle was won, the sky realm was in ruins. Though Maian was happy, happy to deliver the news to Ianah. When he was back home, the house was almost destroyed. Maian felt fear for the first time. When he got inside, he couldn't believe it. His love Ianah, lied on the floor with blood all over the place and shadow marks on the walls. She was dead. Pain. Vengeance. Fear and grief. Maian fell into despair. Blood filled his head and he went insane. The guardian traveled to the shadow realm slaying every living thing, and couldn't distinguish between foe or ally. He kept wandering and destroying everything there for decades, not knowing the reason anymore. It wasn't the same guardian you knew before. Maian was eventually persuaded into join the shadow ranks.

Today Maian is one of the most powerful shadow commander, plotting to invade the world of Trove.

The appearance would be up to the artists mostly.. I imagine Maian being a huge holy warrior, like a paladin maybe? With shiny golden armor. But since going Shadow, he wears shadow armor. He should be like the sky realm guardians, but more human like, Being one of the strongest shadow commanders, he should have a dark aura around him. Look here (http://dungeonsmaster.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Blackguard_by_Galligi.jpg) for an example.

His sword, Levantine, the forgotten, was given to Maian by an ancient of the sky realm. Levantine is Maian's best friend, supporting and helping him through all times and has not left or betrayed him once. This sword is a huge two handed sword that Maian is capable of wearing one-handed. This sword was former golden and shiny, but fell dark too. Today the sword is a dark sword with a Shadow aura around it. The sword has a glimpse of its gold, showing hope.

I was thinking, that his sword should have an unique skin, one that you can't salvage to get the skin of. His sword would be a very small chance of drop, and should have its own shadow aura around it (The effect is up to you, but the visual look should be unique). I would prefer it to not be tradeable

At the end, when you've defeated Maian, he will be on his knees, remembering who he is, and thanking the adventurers for saving him before dying.

Ability One
If the closest player is a fair distance from the melee range, quickly dash while swinging his giant sword, to the target, dealing damage to it.

This would ensure so that nobody will kite around the boss.

Ability Two
Maian would sometimes slam his sword in to the ground, creating a shockwave enough so that pillars rise up from the ground dealing high amount of damage and knocking people back and up around 3-5 jumps of height.

The appearance would be like this: Maian drives his sword in to the ground, creating cracks in the ground. Not sure how Trove's engine looks like, but should be easy to create crack textures and apply it on the ground level. Might look weird if the terrain is uneven.

Then if you have played Wildstar or the new WoW bosses, you would see a red mark that shows where the damage would hit. It would be nice if we could implement this technique, so that the shift/dash ability and movement speed is more useful.

Summary: Maian drives his sword in the ground, red marks appears with 1-2 sec delay where the pillars appears, dealing large amount of damage and knocking people back and up. Look here (http://ayay.co.uk/backgrounds/rpg_games/fable/slam-sword-into-the-ground.jpg) if you want to see an example.

Ability Three
Once Maian reaches 30% hp, he goes into berserk. He runs much faster and summons his three shadow Knights that has 20% of Maian's max hp, and has Maian's first ability. (The dashing one).

WIP, will be adding more, probably if I come up with something.

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Amazing!! This takes the price.

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Amazing!! This takes the price.

Thanks alot :D

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Added an idea once the boss is defeated. Feedback is appreciated :)

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Awesome lore.
+1 to sword with aura, MORE PARTICLES

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Awesome lore.
+1 to sword with aura, MORE PARTICLES

Thanks, mate!

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