View Full Version : Shadow Titan: Dark Mirror

07-21-2015, 02:59 PM
The massive mirror on the wall of the boss room spawns 1 minion for each player in the room. These minions are shadow versions of player classes. They have abilities based off of the playable ones, and it will play out more like a PvP battle than a normal boss fight.

(The following are just suggestions, and probably would come out very unbalanced. The important part is the concept)
Shadow class ability ideas:
Tomb Raisers will summon minions and use ghost form to escape if they are taking heavy damage
Gunslingers will strafe while firing at you, using superjump to run away if you get close
Knights will rush at you, and attack with smash and charge
Dracolytes spawn Idols to power up their attacks
Ninja's Hit and Run using stealth mode and shurikens
Candy Barbarian will attack with Swirlwind and basic attacks
Boomeranger throw boomerangs and sometimes bombs
Trickster uses it's bombs and will stop to cast Fairy Dance when at low health
Ice Sage uses it's basic attacks and Ice Crash
Hunter spams Snares everywhere while trying to evade attacks
Pirate Captain uses First Mate, but unlike normal it creates 3. It can't upgrade these cannons