View Full Version : Shadow Titan Concept!

07-21-2015, 02:51 PM
Name: Shadow Puppet

1. Lazer Eye: The eye in the chest will shoot out lazers that emit a small AOE
2.Shadow Wave: a large AOE attack which emits a wave of dark poisonous fog across the floor.
3.Puppet Master: Creates a shadow clone of each player.(Possibly use same abilities as the player.)

Description:The Shadow Puppet is a floating enemy that acts similar to a summoner, while having a basic melee attack. It generally relies on its minions and ranged attacks as the main damage dealer. If players get a bit too close it will emit a AOE attack, forcing players to be mobile and plan when to attack as wildly charging and attacking is a dandy way to be killed.

I based The Shadow Puppet off my small fear of puppets, my liking of the design for the Moon Lord boss from Terraria and the actual shadow creatures from the game. Plus a bowtie for good measure.

My concept art for the Shadow Puppet:

(Puppets are supposed to be Trovians)