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07-21-2015, 02:41 PM
Crystal Disruptor aka Crysruptor

A nice glowy and flying/floating Crystal skyfalls from space/sky of course...

Ability #1: "Disruption Beam"

* On succesful hit..
* Steals 75% of your current Energy
* Steals/Hurts 10% of your current Health

Ability #2: "Multiverse Illusion"

* Crystal spawns same-sized Illusions of itself
* Illusions just have 33% health of its spawner
* Illusions do same damage
* Illusions shrink and so disappear via an implosion effect after time or when being destroyed

Ability #3: "Magnetic Attraction"
(AOE Damage)

* Crystal begins to glow
* Locks-on a single player and so gets "attracted" by your presence
* Crystal rushes with a horizontal spin towards you and tries to hit/hurt you
* On successful hit, hurt player loses 75% of current health and 100% of Energy
* AOE damage should be possible to hurt multiple players in an area

Additional Idea:
* Upon its death, it drops various ores randomly


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