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07-21-2015, 02:39 PM
Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,
dear Devs and Mods,

I represent [...]


Living Tree

My most favourite Biome is the "Fae Wilds". I like this athmosphere there, it is magical for me. The trees and the grass/grounds so the lights there look very impressive. Yes I am a nature's friend haha as well as being a high-tech end-time sci-fi fan.

Well, I thought about to create the idea/concept of a unique "Fae Wild Shadow Titan Living Tree Boss" which revenges its fallen all over the world of Trove.

Ability #1: "Life Spawner"

* Spawns Animals/Insects against you/calculated group
* Library should be taken from Fae Wilds & Medieval Highlands (?)
* Allies (???)

Ability #2: "Root Attack"
(AOE Damage)

* You hear an earthquake noise while Living Tree enagages its Root Attack
* A few Roots randomly appear from the ground, not precisely tho
* Roots destroy blocks around it, just like a mini-minibomb. Good for farming ^^
* A successful Root Attack steals 33%++ of your current life and Energy and so Heals/Refills the Living Tree and its hidden Energy by 33%++

Ability #3: "Pollen Cloud/Wave"
(AOE Damage)

* Living Tree shoots a Wave of Polls against you/in an AOE radius
* Temporary Allergic Reaction by successful hit
* You move and shoot slower
* You cannot jump
* You cannot aim precisely anymore
* Your view is dizzily
* You lose 15%++ of your current health and energy
* Your Secondary and Mega Attack (all classes) get neutralized and blocked/locked for 10 seconds in general, Mega Attack needs a fully re-charge. A Dragon player so becomes human again as well, for example etc pp...

Additional Idea about my Living Tree concept:

* Living Tree appears/builds up itself from ground, no skyfall (?)
* Living Tree shrinks every -10% of Health while being hit by players
* Living Tree grows every +10% while stealing Health/Energy of players
* Living Tree randomly spawns Animals/Insects and Grass/Flowers/Glim Items upon its death via an "cloudy" explosion

* You Devs do the ideas of random loot


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