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07-21-2015, 02:25 PM
This boss is very tall and consists of 3 sections which have to be destroyed in a sequence from bottom one to top one. The top section is invulnerable until middle and bottom sections are destroyed, the middle section is invulnerable until bottom section is destroyed. The Middle and Top sections can not use their attacks

Bottom Section: It is a ring/torus/donut. It has 4 skull turrets set on the sides of it with rotation angle of roughly 120 degrees. The turrets look like head of Dream Monster. They have 2 attacks: A purple flamethrower which they use when player is near and a small skull-like explosive projectile that they use for long range.
Once all 4 turrets are destroyed the Ring starts shaking. In a few seconds it explodes and splits itself into 4 parts which then fly straight in 4 directions. Those parts explode on impact and deal huge damage on direct hit. The Middle Section becomes vulnerable.
Once Bottom Section is destroyed the Colossus loses it's 1st special ability (we'll get to this later).

Middle Section: It is a tall pole with some kind of cage in the middle. It's bottom end is in the center of the Bottom Section Ring and the top end is connected to Top Section. There is a power core inside the cage. To destroy this Pole you have to simply damage it. Ranged units can try to aim for the cage. If the cage takes big amounts of damage in short period of time it will crack which means the Power Core inside it will be unprotected. If player will hit the Power Core then the damage the Pole takes will be multiplied by 5x. The Power Core has a beam attack, range is bit longer than a flamethrower. The Power Core may only use beam at one of the players in the range which allows one player to tank the beam damage and others to attack the pole if they are melee classes. Once the Pole is destroyed it creates a really big explosion with strong knockback. The Top Section becomes vulnerable. Once Middle section is destroyed the Colossus loses it's 2nd and 3rd special abilities.

Top Section: It is a large head similar to the one Dream Monster has, but much bigger. It has 4 different attacks. For medium to close range: Purple flamethrower like the turrets on bottom section had. For melee range: The Head jumps up and when it lands it creates strong explosion with decent knockback. For long range: It fires 8 skull projectiles (like the ones the Bottom Section turrets shoot) very fast in pairs of 2. Secondary long range attack: It launches a boulder upwards and when the boulder lands in explodes (it works like those artillery block turrets that fire balls upwards in dungeons)

Special Abilities:
1) The bottom section starts to spin very fast, 2 of it's turrets constantly fire the purple flamethrower and other 2 fire the skull projectiles at very high rate of fire. This continues for a few seconds.
2) The Power Core inside the Middle Section summons 4 shadow knights.
3) The Power Core randomly picks a player and drags him inside itself. When the player is dragged into the core he starts taking heavy damage which heals the Middle Section at 10x efficiency (so if player takes 1000 damage then the Middle Section is healed up by 10 000 HP).
The player can't shoot or use abilities/items when he is being dragged or is inside the Power Core. To escape from this trap: a) Destroy the Medium Section; b) Player has to survive in it for 5 seconds after which he is being tossed away from the Power Core; c) Other players have to hit Power Core 3 times, then the trapped player will be tossed away.

That's quite a large wall of text, all I got to say is a "Thanks!" for reading all this! :)