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07-21-2015, 02:18 PM
LORE (unofficial)
Was once the most powerful warrior in the Sun Goddess' army. He was struck down in the first battle against the dark forces of Q'bthulu, bravely defending his squad against an advancing horde so they may escape with their lives. Many thought he was lost that day, but the darkness had other plans for him. He had been rebuilt, using the technology of the Neon cities and the corrupting magic of the shadow. Now he's ready to fight any worthy challenger that dare face him.

It is 2 times taller than a Candy Barbarian (maybe a bit more), has a featureless white cube for a head with a red strip of red cloth where his eyes would be, and his body looks like an enemy from Neon city, but with dark silver metal instead of all black, and has blue highlights.The armor has armored shoulder pads like the Shadow Knight's. He wields a sword that looks like a much longer version of the default neon Ninja weapon, but with all blue highlights and it crackles a bit with black electricity. When his health goes down to 50%, his highlights turn dark purple, his weapon crackles with dark purple electricity and the red cloth falls off, showing that his eyes are pitch black spots, and dark smoke pours out of them (spooky.) (Also only if it it possible to show battle damage on the Titans.)

It's regular attack is that he runs quickly towards a player, does a quick 3-slash combo, and dashes backwards. At 50% health, his attacks and abilities get a lot stronger and more dangerous.
Ability 1- Punish If a player tries to avoid his attacks by staying in the air, Rah-Din will teleport to the airborne player and smash him to the ground, dealing a lot of damage. At 50% health, his regular attacks will throw players up in the air if they are hit with all 3 attacks, and then Rah-Din follows up with a Punish attack, dealing even more damage.
Ability 2- Wind Cutter Rah-Din leaps to the air while doing a cool pose, then creates a wave of damaging purple energy with his sword. At 50% health, he shoots 3 waves of energy in quick succession.
Ability 3- Defense Slash If Rah-Din is surrounded by players for too long, he charges up an attack, then does a circular attack around him, damaging and knocking back all players around him.
Finale- At 1% health, he will do a thing which stuns every player except for 1, then he charges towards the unstunned player, and time slows down. If the unstunned player hits Rah-Din 3 times before he gets hit, then Rah-Din gets stunned and the player gets +250 attack speed to finish him off for good. If he doesn't succeed, then the player gets killed instantly, and he does the attack again. Because that is a bad*** way to finish a boss fight. (maybe there can be a special beam attack for Tomb Raiser and Dracolyte so they aren't left out of cool mode)

INSPIRATION- I was thinking of cool boss fights from other games when I thought of Metal Gear Rising: Revengence and the cool fights you can do to bosses. So I made up a copy of Raiden with appropriate attacks. And the name is similar too, Raiden, Rah-Din. Yeah.
If it's possible, you should buy the rights to Rules of Nature and have it play during the fight.

07-21-2015, 08:28 PM
As much as I dislike people bumping their own threads, I'll only bump mine up once, because I really like this one.

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I like the idea of combos, but there's no hit stun, and there's knockback as well, so escaping the combo would be very easy. I do love the idea of a final attack, especially one that's do or die like yours.

Also, you have excellent taste.