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07-21-2015, 02:15 PM
Titan Q'bthulhu
The Titan Q'bthulhu is my suggestion for Shadow Boss!
Here are my thoughts of the boss and how it will work.

How I think this would turn out is that it might be the "all-seeing eye" and the boss is non-moving, it stands still and shoots lasers, clones itself every time it loses 10% hp, and sometimes pulls everyone towards it. It also has an aura on the ground that damages people who come too close, (Melee classes can still hit the Titan Q'bthulhu, but they need to keep themselves at a small distance).
I think this fight would possibly be working for Trove as it is, without implementing too much new features to make it possible, as the abilities already exist in a such way.

Laser: It's basic attack. It shoots lasers from its eye, much like the laser ability that is already in game, but the boss shoots them frequently

Clone Shield: Drops down many tiny clones of itself all around the room that needs to be killed before you can continue attacking the boss itself, these clones stand still and shoot miniature lasers everywhere. (Casted every 10% HP lost)

Demise: Pulls everyone towards the Titan Q'bthulhu and spawns in three medium sized Q'bthulhu eyes. (Casted at random non-frequent times)

Enrage: When the Titan Q'bthulhu goes below 50% hp, it spawns 5 medium sized Q'bthulhus.

Name: Titan Q'bthulhu (All-Seeing Eye)
Abilities: Laser, Clone Shield, Demise
Appearance: A big Eye of Q'bthulhu with a black aura on the floor around the eye (and possibly Tentacles of Q'bthulhu around it)
Loot: Shadow stuff, obviously :p

Example Picture of my Idea, Can be very different, but here is a draft of what I had in mind.

07-22-2015, 10:15 AM
10/10 Would fight, Magnificent! Japan supports your causes even though we have enough tentacle monsters here....