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Right now I'm uncertain of a name, but the community can choose.

1. The boss should have multiple forms that need to be defeated along with a pretty large health bar. This gives an incentive to call out in world chat for help.
2. Berserk mechanic. Upon reaching its second form the boss will go berserk and deal increase damage, all its movement and attacks (including abilities) will come out faster, and will try to focus people not currently taking aggro.

1. It's a shadow titan, so a shadowy appearance. A little taller than the current tallest mob, if that mob is small then make the shadow titan much larger.
2. Giant horse, think Heracles from Toriko.

ABILITIES - 1st form

It stomps with 1 of its giant hoofs on target player

PASSIVE: 1) All of the bosses attacks are aoe, this will prevent an easy boss. Players will have to create strategies to overcome this (building blocks maybe?).
2) Every couple of seconds(10-30?) the boss will begin to inhale, its breathing power is so powerful it will be inhaling away the blocks around him (kind of like the bosses that pull you in except your blocks are also getting destroyed at the same time), this move is much harder to pull away from and has a larger radius. This breathing will set up its abilities.
3)The boss slowly regenerates health
4)the boss can spawn mobs to help fight the players. it spawns new mobs 5-10 seconds after the previous ones are defeated, this goes on until its second form.

ABILITY 1: The boss exhales out, sending a huge surge of compressed air to anyone nearby. All the blocks inhaled earlier are now thrown at the players and do some damage(5%-10% each), (this includes water, lava, plasma, etc). This ability can only be used after it has already inhaled and has no cooldown on its own. The air itself is so strong and hot its sets players on fire aswell as doing a bit of damage, (maybe 20% of their max health)

ABILITY 2: After a delay, the horse will do an aoe attack larger than it's normal ones, it slams its 2 front hoofs on the ground below instantly killing anyone underneath and sending shockwaves to nearby players that need to jump or they will take damage and be stunned for 2 seconds. This move has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

ULTIMATE: The horse turns 180 and begins charging while pulling nearby players. When the charging is done, the horse will kick every player too close with its back hoofs into the sky, this attack deals 99% of the players max health. You have to be max health to survive this attack.


1) Immediately after the 2nd form activates, all ground blocks in the horses general radius (about 30x30) will become ice blocks. The counter for this is to break them through lasermancy or to simply deal with it. This will give the players a decisive moment in this part of the fight where they either choose to destroy blocks or deal with the situation at hand normally.
2) The horse is berserk throughout the entirety of this form and has no cooldown on its ability 2.
3) In this form, the boss no longer regenerates or spawns mobs.

BASIC ATTACK: No changes

ABILITY 1 DIFFERENCE: The damage from its breathing is increased to 30% of max health and the blocks are thrown at a higher velocity, players will take double the damage from them. The heat of its breath is twice as strong and comes out twice as fast aswell as twice as large, players that are hit are ignited for twice the length of the original duration.

ABILITY 2 DIFFERENCE: The horse now stomps twice and this ability now has no cooldown. It is all rng and can happen at anytime, the delay (the warning symbol basically) stays and is not sped up.

ULTIMATE IN 2ND FORM: If possible, the boss has a different ultimate in its 2nd form. The boss will charge towards any nearby players at 100 movespeed (slightly faster than mount speed). Anyone caught in its way will be trampled and die instantly. Any players gliding will still be hit by the horse's body, they will take some damage and be knocked to the ground where the horse can trample them. The way to avoid damage from this ultimate is to mount up and dodge (shift key) whenever the horse is on your tail.

When it dies we get 3 dungeon chests and 1 shadow key.


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Relinquished Stallion

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This sounds great. Please add this.

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