View Full Version : Shadow Titan Nightmare Guardian

07-21-2015, 01:44 PM
So here's my thoughts on a nightmare based titan The Nightmare Guardian is A Centaur With huge bat wings and nightmare based power when he spawns he summons little imps that are weak but the nightmare creature grow more hard to defeat now then their are many other places It can spawn but it usually spawn more frequent the fae biome other biomes it spawns at 10% depending on the biome. so the attacks are special because of a debuff that the shadow hunter can spawn on the enemies but if you die while fighting one you will make it grow stronger theirs a bit of logic behind this because of the Pokémon scraggy who's ability is moxie which raises his attack power when one of your Pokémon is defeated in battle the recommendation for this is get at least a strong weapon that can do descent damage. the last the are basic moves it can punch the ground spawn nightmare creature and run you over also has nightmare breath and shoots fire balls