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07-21-2015, 01:31 PM

Skeleton Lord


This Shadow Titan walk with a walking stick (I don't know the english name , I'm french :'( )
He will look like a big skeleton ( 5 blocks high , 3 blocks large , he wears a black gentlemen costume c: ) .

Details: He looks like a prince with his clothes , but with a skeleton body .


1- Hat wizard trick
As a wizard , he wears off his hat . A skeleton is summoned and jump off his hat . This skeleton will have the same skin and abilities than the royal like skeleton in cursed valley ( with a crown if I remember well)

2- Shooting stick
Using his stick as a gun , he won't be able to walk , but he will shoot with his "stick gun" , dealing damage in % (5% each) and shooting pretty fast

3- Skeletal shockwave
The skeleton take the ground in his hands and throw it , casting the players on it in the air and summoning skeletal minions where the ground would be . The players takes damage with shockwave and on landing if hit by shockwave . If a player is hit by the shockwave , he won't be able to move before landing . The skeletal minions will be the same as the necromancer , losing life but slower .

I used Siimon's thread as model .
Sorry if I explain bad , my english isn't perfect :/
I hope you enjoy this titan .
Thanks for reading !

07-21-2015, 01:54 PM
Huh, sounds pretty neat, by walking stick you mean Staff right?