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07-21-2015, 01:01 PM
The Hand of Fates


The Hand of Fates is a boss that utilizes a whole large room to fight. The Hand of Fate himself being slightly larger than normal sized shadow trovian model, but is hidden behind a force field that protects him while he channels his magic into summoning his giant shadow hands. in order to destroy his shield you must first disrupt his three hands by defeating them. All the while he is summoning smaller hands that form where a trovian is standing and immediately dissipating after coming from the floor.
The three hands are of different shadow elements: Shadow Fire, Shadow Ice and Shadow Plasma. They appear in different portions of the room. They will be surrounded by blocks of similar types to that of their element. They will not terribly difficult, and are each very difficult.
Once you defeat all of these hands the force field around the Hand of Fate will be broken, and the big boss fight will happen. The tiny hands that form under the trovians stops, but a tougher battle awaits. The boss will have 3 main abilities:

1. The Hand of Fates shoots a moderate speed shadow hand projectile at each of the nearby trovians, if the projectile
lands at any time it will cause a medium explostion dealing large ammounts of damage.
2. The Hand of Fates charges the closest trovian, rooting them in place with a shadow hand as he passes through them. He casts this often.
3. The Hand of Fates will channel his smaller hands again from before the forcefield went down, but they channel much faster this time.

***He could also potentially have a few other mechanics to him, if not they can be skipped:***

1. The Hand of Fates will teleport at certain health %s to one of the locations you fought the shadow hands.
2. (After a LARGE % of his health has been taken) The Hand of Fates will become stationary transforming into a Giant hand. Here he will be shooting his #2 in a constant wave at the trovians and will be constantly channeling his #4 ability.

The Idea behind him:
The Idea behind him:

Going into the fight the trovians will see The Hand of Fates in the middle of a large room with 3 corridor off shoots. When the trovians enter the room they will find the boss behind a force field of sorts and will almost immediately find out that standing still will cost them a lot of trouble because the boss will begin channeling his smaller hands that appear after a brief delay under the trovian's feet. (This is intended to get the players active, and constantly moving through out the entirety of the battle.)
The trovians will be forced to move by the small hands, and determine they should move to the corridors and enter the rooms with each of the stationary shadow hands, these rooms will be themed, and have environmental hazards of the proper. Each Hand will aslo have one ability they use.

Shadow Fire: Will shoot Large mortor like balls (like the little crab things in the dragon biome) that will have a large explosion.
Shadow Ice: Will Shoot throw Ice shards (think the ice sage ability) on any trovian that gets too close.
Shadow Plasma: Will utilize the environment mostly. It will have a large explosion around it that has very high knock back that is intended to toss the trovians into the surrounding plasma pools.

The hands aren't intended to be SUPER hard, but to give the trovians a challenge as they dodge and weave from the small hands that are constantly harassing them from under their feet from the boss.
Once these hands are defeated the force field around the boss will drop and the boss is exposed. (I don't know, you can announce it through the announcement system that only these trovians can see?) and will return to the boss and begin the final fight.

(Now, my idea behind the teleporting on this boss is that after certain % health marks say: 20/40/60/80% he will teleport to one of the different rooms you fight the hands in. and on the last tier he will teleport to the main room again, so for ex: Fight him till 20% health is gone - teleports to (Ice)/Plasma/Fire, fight him till 40% is gone - teleports to Plasma/(Fire), fight him till 60% is gone - teleports to (Plasma), fight till 80% is gone - teleports to main room. Not sure if this can be done, but it'd be amazing if it could.)

Proceed to fight the boss dealing with his abilities and fighting though the environmental effects, when you come to 80% of his health gone he will teleport to the main room again, when you bring him down to ~ 90% he will transform into his Giant Hand form that is explained in the above section. This was intended to be a kind of "Burn phase" where you just throw everything you have on him as fast as you can before he completely destroys you.

***Edit*** Thinking back in the box.

Though not my first choice, Another way of doing this fight I have put together a faster and much less mechanic heavy version with the core of the boss still in place.

Instead of having multiple rooms where you fight each hand individually, you can have one giant room with the 3 biomes still in place. (Fire, Ice and Plasma biomes) The hands will still retain their single ability, and the boss will still have his 3 main abilities. None of the extra features (such as the teleportation, or the constant barrage of smaller hands will be necessary for this version. Though it would still be cool to see something like the “Burn Phase” that I mentioned earlier.)

The Idea Behind it:

Having a less complicated is not a bad thing, and he could still retain his difficulty but give a more fast paced fight.
Having all of the Big Hands in the same room introduces an interesting mechanic where the trovians will have to decide whether it would be more beneficial to take down the Hands first or some of the more threatening hands first, or just burn the boss and try and dodge around the hands. Keeping a tri-biome themed boss room could also provide a the dynamic where the players will chose which of the biomes would be the least threatening and cause the players to focus on staying in one biome. This of course could be detrimental to the team if you are within range of the fire hand to get hit by the mortar hits, or by the high damaging explosions from the boss' shadow bolts.

07-21-2015, 01:07 PM
I like the idea, though I worry it may be too complex for Trove.

07-21-2015, 01:13 PM
That's my worry too. :( But it's worth a shot, it'd be great to see such an amazing fight at some point in the game!

07-21-2015, 01:18 PM
Amazing idea. You should put it in a different game, this game doesn't have any mechanics like that. Sounds like an actual MMO boss fight :D

Would be cool if trove had a few fights like this for shadow arenas (maybe death arenas or something else? idk) that have mechanics and are not as easy as just hacking and slashing and pressing m2, 1, 2, m1 in any order you can.

07-21-2015, 01:23 PM
I feel like even if these mechanics are a bit too heavy, which they very well may be (I thought outside the box!) It can still be simplified down to be a pretty reasonably fun and thought provoking battle! I may edit a MUCH more simplified version later. I'd just like to get some input from the community to see if something like this even interests you guys. Thanks for the comments!

07-22-2015, 10:15 PM
I have updated the fight with a faster and less mechanic heavy version at the bottom! If you have any feedback do say! Thanks everyone!