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07-21-2015, 12:53 PM
I think that the boss should be tough, even for a group of 8 unlike shadow arenas where you grab 8 mediocre people and can do u4 or u5 easily. I don't think the look of the monster is a huge deal unless you going to call it a shadow titan i feel like that makes you imagine a tall human-like creature. So my idea for the skills of the monster could be something like.

1. The monsters health scales with amount of people in the dungeon.
2. He gains buff/s or health back ect. if a player dies (makes the game more team based and not so click based)
3. His 3 skills should roll out in an order like such,
3a. (skill 1) He summons 20 - 25 smaller versions of himself.
3b. (skill 2) Imidetly after summoning these versions he an immunity spell in himself ( this spell shouldn't wear out till his minions are gone)
3c. (skill 3) Then periodically through this fight with his minions he chooses different spells to cast for them such as for example ( the barbarians party attack speed buff, the party heal of boomaranger,
maybe even groups the remaining minions together as one like the tomb raiser.) These skills could be randomized from the party members in the area making it much more team oriented
and making it actually require a front line of damage and damage absorbers .
Now while all these skills are going on the boss should continue to be immune and still be able to attack and the immunity shouldnt fade until his minions go down, this would make it so people have to work together and actually be geared up for this

Should also not be able to mount in this area shadow arenas are seriously way to easy and are nearly impossible to fail due to this fact