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Scribble Clash
07-21-2015, 09:29 AM
Praegrandis Testudo

Boss design:
A quadpod at low height, resembling a turtle. Either a steampunk, cyber or magic design would work well with the set of abilities.
It's attack pattern should improve at the stages of 66/33% health. This gives players some time to get acustomed to the attacks first and then face a harder challenge over the duration of the fight.
When it's health is lowered to these ammounts for the first time, the boss will become untargetable/immune to damage and starts replenishing health. Several enemies spawn in it's vacinity and the boss will keep untargetable and replenishing health as long as they are around.



The boss will put up a spiked shield infront of it and charge straight ahead after a short buildup. Getting caught in this attack causes devastating damage and therefor must be avoided.

2. Blade Dance

The four legs extend blades and start rotating. The conjuction where the four legs are connected with the body will start rotating as well and the boss will start moving towards random players.

3. Aerial Assault

Several explosive projectiles will be launched into the air and hit random positions around the boss. These will deal area damage on impact. Additionally, three bigger projectiles will be launched and spawn minions upon impact.

This boss should be fought in a fairly narrow, but stretched arena. This should provide additional difficulty in dodging his charge.