View Full Version : Shadow Titan. Names: Shadow claw, Shadow Razor, Dark Thorn

07-21-2015, 09:25 AM
This boss is a black and silver boss with glowing blue eyes, as is all other shadow entities. He is twice the size of a shadow knight. He is covered in spiky silver armor making anyone that touches him lose health. He dawns a dark hood and a cloak and at the end of both hands he has claws(like wolverine).

1. He can spin around and slice everything within a 7 block area with his claws
2. He has a knockback attack that is in the form of a kick
3. His claws detach allowing him to throw the claws like a boomerang and the claws return to his hands

I don't know if you can do these but if you can it'd be really cool.
1. Allow only melee players to be able to deflect his claws when he throws them and send them back to him.
2. After he does his spin move he pauses allowing all players to get a good couple hits on him before he starts attacking again.
3. When he does his spin move he deflects all ranged players attacks only melee characters can get hits on him during that period... if they dare get within range