View Full Version : Gray's Titan Ideas

07-21-2015, 08:43 AM
I'd love to see a boss with raid-like qualities, not just a mindless hack'n'slash till it dies.

Ability 1:
I'd wish for the titan have some kind of AA capabilities, and something that damages the back-lines.
That pink-line special move would be great if it worked in a circle around the boss when he charges up - it would damage everyone and everything. UNLESS you all do enough collective DPS to stop it from charging up.

Ability 2:
Having some kind of 1-shot-kill groundpound with a huge radius, that you HAVE to either (1) jump high enough (like 10 jumps high) or (2) run far enough away.
That way the *useless* jump/movespeed stat will be favoured and actually sought out on gear.

Ability 3:
Summoning adds that somehow affect the battle unless they are dealt with in a specific mannor. Perhaps 2 (maybe 3?) are summoned at once, and each need to be brought to a specific place on the map and then killed in that area.

So for example: The boss uses his move and some text appears on the screen signiling that he has summoned the titan guards. There is a red one and a blue one. Each one marks a different target - so the red knight randomly marked the candybarbarian in that raid. There would be a marking to indicate this over the barbarian's head. That candybarbarian now has to run the red knight to the red area, and other teammates can come help kill that red knight. While this is going on, at the same time there is ANOTHER blue knight that marks a different target - for example the shadow hunter. That shadow hunter has to leave the fight with the candybarbarian and bring his blue knight to the blue area. That also means 3 other people SHOULD stop fighting the one the candybarbarian is fighting and help the shadow hunter.

During this phase, the boss is unable to be hit and is charging up something - either an enrage bar OR he is slowly healing during this time (aka if you take a long time killing red/blue guards, the boss will be back to full health and you will have no potions). Of course the boss would only have this ability once in the fight - perhaps at 25 or 50% health?

Let me know what you guys think!