View Full Version : Centaurion-3000

07-21-2015, 08:17 AM
My idea was to have a cliche giant robot that towers several levels over the ground, stomps everything it's feet touch and that has to be climbed in a "shadow of the colossus" manier in order to die already.
In my mind it looks like a mixture of an ancient Greek statue, a clock's interiour and a centaur.

It would come with the three abilities:

1-Eye lasers: Shoots a constant beam of energy that slowly tracks targets and destroys blocks. Keep in movement or behind his head in order to avoid taking ticks of damage each second you're hit.

2-Shoulder rockets: Fires an imposing volley of missiles from rectangular pods on each shoulder. Each missile fires with delay so that the ability itself is rather long-lasting. Each missile locks onto a target's approximate direction and then flies straight in this direction without any heat-seeking or similar, creating a zone of potential danger around any player in range.
The evil part of the missiles is that besides of dealing moderate damage their explosion knock hit characters back and hence make it even more difficult to stay in movement and avoid the main laser attack.
Also they just look wicked.
I imagine a 4x8 small voxel object with a red tip and metallic body, leaving a trail of dense smoke particles as they travel.

3-Stomping feet: Every step the titanoid robot makes drastically levels the ground on a given height. The footprints of this machine are visible in the world as the feet pulverize blocks beneath.
Being stepped on equals certain death.
However the robot walks really slow, releasing steam or clouds of cooling liquid vapor from it's joints together with making a deep whistle or fog-horn like sound whenever it is about to drop it's massive feet.