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My idea for the shadow titan would be to have to attack an "open" face on his head(there are four), and attacking the wrong one would cause the player to recieve 1/2 or 1/4 of the damage dealt to return to them as damage recieved.

The open face would be determined by its color: either red or purple, while the others would be black. O'bthiron would have to be in a large dungeon with walkways for the players to stand on, as he would be 2x the size of the shadow knights.

Body takes VERY low damage compared to the open face, but still takes damage nontheless.


Shadow Breath: kinda like the Dracolyte's flamethrower attack, but a deep purple color that extrudes from all four faces. Possibly applies a DOT effect(Damage over time, like fire)

Dark Ritual: takes 2 seconds to cast, causes weak bosses from other dungeons to fall and attack(That, or Shadow Knights)

Shadows: Leaves a shadowy decoy behind and warps somewhere else in the room. Destroying this decoy causes an explosion, damaging ALL members in the dungeon(Or with the quest on their screen).

Possible Problems:
Melee classes(Knight, Candy Barbarian, Some Boomerangers) would have to tank, and not damage his head as their attacks could damage the wrong faces, causing them to die. Fast.

Dungeon Size would have to be HUGE, so huge, that it would become a raid requiring either some sort of key/other tool to open it, and 15-20 people to participate.

Difficulty: one per Uber 6 world? Or a portal in the hub with a level requirement that groups players togther?
Traps on the ground to make people be careful? Or not, as the boss is hard enough?

Shadow 4+ items?
Radiants? (RARELY)
Parts to make the key/tool to fight him
Chaos Chests/Dragon Caches?

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I hope this thread doesn't die...

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