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07-21-2015, 07:36 AM
Te-gami (. I suck at naming things, so I just went with a little Japanese. )


Te means hand, and gami means... kind of something like being observed. While tegami together means letter. This titan is more of a scout type, but that doesn't mean it can't throw a punch. (Pun intended.)

The boss itself is a giant disembodied hand, cut off a little above the wrist. It has visible glowing lines running around it, sort of like a power source, and on the palm of it there's a very large pool of this.

An eye on the back of the hand, and a small eye on each of its knuckles. This allows it to carefully watch it's opponent no matter what angle it is at. During attacks, the eyes will generally close, camouflaging into it, almost like they were never there.

On it's finger tips are blades it uses to run around on walls and ceilings (Not sure if implementable,) and slash at any that pose a threat to it. Despite the fact it must dredge its claws out of the ground to walk, it is surprisingly fast.

In it's wrist (Or what you would consider it's wrist.) is a cannon. The cannon is able to spew projectiles, including the "Mach 2. Quill."

It has three abilities (of course,) and one ability that relies on it's ability to run on walls/ceilings. If that is an implementable feature, you can replace one of the other abilities with it. If not just ignore it.

It's standard attack is chasing after the enemy, slashing at it with one of it's fingers and shooting out a weak ranged bomb. Leaving no gap for melee or ranged alike. You must have the skills to fleetly dodge all of it's attacks.


1. The Mach 2. Quill; This is the name of a specialized stinger it can shoot out of it's wrist. It launches this at the spot the player was standing when it decides to shoot it.

The stinger itself is white much like a feather, and deals large amount of damage over a large area, but is slow moving and easy to see when the boss is readying it.

2. The All Seeing Gaze; This move involves the the hand gaining a small sprint boost, over encompassing the player and trapping them under the palm of it's hand. It then slams down on them. Pretty simple ability.

3. Spilled Ink; The hand is able to spawn 2 standard minions out of its wrist. The minions are fairly weak, but if they catch up and touch the player the player gets a speed and jump decrease.

4. (Optional; ) Frustration; We all feel it when trying to write something, and for Te-gami, killing is much akin to writing.

In this move Te-gami builds up speed, and runs up to the ceiling. It follows the players position on the ceiling for awhile, before dropping down on them with all it's fingertips pointed at a point. Dealing major damage.

Thanks for reading! I'd add some art to help visualize what I'm trying to write here, but suck at art. Also, sorry about the formatting of the post. I just couldn't get it to look good...

I'm not a good designer, and would like some critique if anyone is able to provide it!