View Full Version : Trove Shadow Titan: Hand of the Shadow

07-21-2015, 07:26 AM
Shadow Arenas have that hand that gives the dungeon it's iconic aesthetic, reaching to touchdown to Trove. What if it finally did, however not the whole Titan made it through, just the hand. After sending all those Shadow Giants at us, if it wants the job done (trying to rustle our jimmies at our loot collector) Dreamy Digits will do it itself.

Name: Dreamy Digits

Design: Think of a corrupted master hand will you. Presented with eye of q'bthulhu at the center of the palm. The severed section having tentacles writhing about, purple particles dripping from it. And to your displeasure, armored all too well like those Shadow Giants. Coming with my personal pleasing aesthetic from Shadow Knights, having the armor fall off the more damage digits receives.

Abilities/Boss Modifications: I enjoy the current modifications that exist and see no reason to create a new one too outlandish for the devs. That being said, the three listed won't be in much detail for you are probably already familiar with a few. However with one exception ;)

Toxic: Occasionally creates a damaging AoE upon attack (aesthetically similar to the Dark Mushroom Men's attack.

Vortex: Dreamy Digits has come all this way to hold something, that something being you my fellow Trovians. Digits will create a vortex that draws players within it every few seconds.

Teleport: If Shadow Giants can sca-doo, Dreamy Digits can too!

And should Dreamy Digits fail in grasping you to death, it has a parting gift. Now, traveling all this way you may notice Digits having a full set of five fingers, extremely rare though having more or on the uncommon side, less. Depending on the amount, upon death Dreamy Digits leaves you with that many Shadow Giants before fading back from whence it came. This is what makes it a worthy Shadow Titan and this is only its' hand!!!?!

Thank you for checking out my thread! Let me know what you think, what could be expanded upon may be. Happy Troving (: