View Full Version : Shadow Titan Idea

07-21-2015, 07:19 AM
What should it look like?
My idea for a shadow titan would be an undead, molten lord type enemy. He would spawn around a put of lava and look somewhat human. Think flaming fists, a cracked rock-type chest, and flaming wings sprouting from his back.

What is it's name?
Name isn't as important to me, but lets go with Wildfire Commandant.

What three abilities should it use?

Molten Strike - The hands shoot fire or fireballs at the attacker.
Flight of the Phoenix - The enemy leaps into the air and glides by the attacker with a wall of fire leaving a trail of flames.
Volcanic Eruption - The enemy becomes and enraged and shoots out fire and all directions (think 3 layers of turrets shooting at different elevations and staggered) that the attacker must dodge. The boss also is able to attack more quickly after this.