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07-21-2015, 07:16 AM
Shadow Titan Name: Khaos

Lore: Khaos is King of the Shadow Giants and one of the Strongest beings in the world of Trove. Born a Giant Khaos was exceptional at killing adventurers. Soon he became dissatisfied with just adventurers, and moved on to challenging the strongest of his own brothers! After Defeating all of his bretheren to test his strength Khaos was in search for stronger opponents. He decided that he would travel to the Sky Realm to challenge the mightiest of foes, The Radiant Giants. Khaos fought the Giants Daily and grew in strength from each battle. Soon Khaos realized he had begun to change. He grew much taller then his brothers and became strong enough to weild two Shadow Giant swords in each hand with ease. He Tossed Asside his old armor and begun to wear a Black Radiant Armor and a Black Radiant Corona. Zehira enraged by the actions of Khaos threw him back into the shadow lands her words shook the Sky Realm as Khaos fell. "Foolish Titan, you know not of which you have done!" Realizing that Zehira would be the only being able to challenge him Khaos begun to Amass an army of his bretheren to storm the Sky Realms but first he would have to creat a tower large enough to reach the heavens.

Shadow tower: Khaos can only be found inside of the Shadow Tower

Size: About half the size of a shadow giant bigger than the rest.

Legs: 2

Looks: Shadowy, but slightly demonic, coloured black and dark purple type shade too (if you are able to, some sort of dark mist that follows the creature around)?

Arms: 2, similar to legs, well built and muscular to carry it's heavy weapon.

Wields: 2 larger versions of the Shadow Giant Swords in both hands.

Noise: Taunts like "There is no Hope for you!", "Zehira will be Crushed!", "You are but an ant and I am a GIANT!"

Head: A Black Shadow Version of the Radiant Corona

Eye of Q'bthulhu x25 common
Tentacle of Q'bthulhu x10 common
Shadow Level 1-5 Gear (common - uncommon)

After Death: Khaos Leaves with a shadow portal absorbing him and a Black Chest is Spawned. The Khaos Chest. The Khaos Chest contains all of his normal drops and has the chance to drop a Khaos Cache that contains:
Eye of Q'bthulhu x50
Tentacle of Q'bthulhu x25
Radiant Level Gear (rare)
Wings of Darkest Night (Rare)
Khaos Corona Hat Style (Shadow Radiant Corona) (Rare)
Heart of Darkness (Rare)


#1: Khaos opens up a shadow portal letting out his bretheren. 1 Shadow portal for each adventurer. (Basically he forces the shadow giants to appear)

#2: Khaos Spins around with a massive amount of force causing players to be knocked back if they are close to him and then sucked back in (A combo move of the Giant sucion and Candy Barbarian spin with knockback effect). However Khaos becomes dazed after this and is stunned for a few seconds.

#3: Khaos summons a portion of Q'bthulhu. The floor of the boss room is filled with a black ooze that poisons players and provides a movent speed buff for Khaos and a damage buff for the Shadow Giants. Skeletons have a chance of spawning also. However Q'bthulhu requires a sacrifice so he will kill all of the shadow giants in the area and steal 5% of Khaos Health.

Possible Taunts:
"Child, you are but a pawn"
"Join, or Die!"
"My Power is Limitless"
"Q'bthulhu Shall Rise!"
"Q'bthulhu is Power, Zehira is Ignorance"

Death Quotes:
"Zehira your curse shall not last forever"
"I'll be back"
" Khaos was here Kappa..."