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07-21-2015, 06:44 AM
Shadow Centurion:

Ability 1: Shadow Drop = calls in 3 of the dark knight things that usually drop in biomes from time to time.
Ability 2: Doppelganger = creates a clone that deals half of the boss's damage but takes twice the damage from enemies.
Ability 3: Dark Craze = increases attack speed and move speed of all summoned units for 10 seconds. The boss gains an increase in damage taken and recieved. After the buff the boss is then stunned for 2 seconds.

Shadow Colossus:

Ability 1: Crystallize = gains a crystal like armor around its body recuding all damage taken by 95%. Deals 50% more damage but is movement speed and attack speed as well as casting speed is reduced.
Ability 2: Death Smash = smashes the ground dealing aoe damage. enemies hit take 20% more damage from the boss for 3 seconds.
Ability 3: Death Roulette = spins around dealing damage around the boss. slows down when something is being hit from this skill.

Shadow Serpent:

Ability 1 : Unseen Strike = goes invisible then attacks a random enemy slowing that enemy and dealing DoT.
Ability 2: Skin Shed = stops for a moment then sheds its skin making it explode dealing damage around the boss. gains an armor boost for 4 seconds.
Ability 3 Deaths Grip = bites an enemy stunning the enemy for 1 seconds and dealing damage and a DoT.

07-21-2015, 06:52 AM
I definitely support these ideas.

07-21-2015, 08:19 AM
Thanks man! I'm still thinking of others so stay tuned! =)

07-21-2015, 08:59 AM
Some more ideas

Bunny Dragon:

Ability 1: Rainbow Breath = breathes out fire dealing damage in front of the boss. gives random status effects.
Ability 2: Bunny Hop = jumps around knocking back enemies and alies alike. destroys blocks.
Ability 3: Egg Bomb = "makes" an egg bomb and throws some around the map blowing up if near an enemy.

The Pieeeeeerate

Ability 1: Hot Stuffing = releases heat from its body slowing and damaging enemies. makes the immediate surroundings too hot to walk on.
Ability 2: Change Filling = changes its filling throwing the old one on random areas. affected areas deal damage to enemies.
Ability 3: Apple Barrage = charges up then releases apple bombs on a wide area dealing damage and destroying terrain.

Shadow Wisp

Ability 1: Sunder = Throws a dark energy dealing aoe damage on an area.
Ability 2: Lazer Strike = for the next 15 seconds it uses a beam as its basic attack dealing bonus 20% damage. Cannot move during the duration.
Ability 3: The Split = Charges up for three seconds. upon finishing it releases a huge burst of energy dealing damage to everything near and far and also knocking them back. enemies hit by its 1st skill is knocked down after the knockback.

The Lich

Ability 1: Rotting Flesh = releases a dangerous toxin from its rotting body dealing DoT damage aroud the boss.
Ability 2; Life Drinker = saps the life out of its foes making it his.
Ability 3: Deathfall = Calls out the undead making them fall from the sky dealing damage upon impact. the undead last for 20 seconds.