View Full Version : Idea! Buff longhall.

07-21-2015, 06:27 AM
Shadow titan 1:Spider titan (Highlands)
Permanent damage/Spider buff.
This titan will attempt to web you and it's special spider buff will not only do so, but instead of normal spiders, Shadow spiders with a defense boost. This is an uber only titan (The rest will be too, aside from the final one)

Shadow titan 2:Gravitron Titan (Neon City)
Permanent defence/No-jump buff
This titan will have high knockback and can send people up by three blocks, The design fits neon city, as my idea is for it to look like a huge mixture of the robowraiths and robo-lords. It won't take any knockback, and it's movement is restricted, But it balances it out with it's insane knockback and anti-jump buff.

Shadow titan 3: Magmatic Crusher (Molten Lava Biome)
Permanent fire/Damage buff.
This titan will be a mixture of lava lords/flame drakes and will represent the dragon's teeth biome/Molten fields, This boss has a ton of health, and every attack has a chance to burn, it will also be quite fast,but have minimal defence/attack speed to balance it out. (A mixture between a lava lord and a flame drake would look sweeeeet. Lava cyborg dragon. THINK ABOUT IT)

Shadow titan four: Necromatic Summoner (Cursed Vail)
Permanent speed/Mushroom buff (Special buff, Making the spawned mushrooms as currupted mushrooms)
This titan will be a very annoying summoner, Able to summon four enemies at once, But is generally weak in every way aside from speed, So track him, Hit him a bit, And don't get overwhelmed
(A mixture between a death knight and a wraith... Basically, The wraith part is a long flowing cape.)

Final Titan: Giga-Colossus (Everdark)
An even bigger shadow bro, With more sufficient armor and many horns on it's head and back.
This collosus has five buffs, and is the strongest of all titans, But has no knockback.
(Giga-Fanservice, Since it's the shadow bro, at full power)

Just my ideas, Am I onto something?