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07-21-2015, 06:18 AM
Name:Illusion Titan,Shadow Titan,Vision Titan,Mirror Titan ~ I'm not sure yet :p

It is as tall as this guy
It has a head like that guy's mask (4 faces)
It has 4 arms like these guys

As you can guess it does not attack to only one side like normal monsters.It attacks sides,front and back at the same time.

1)Illusion:Shadow Titan creates illusions of players.Illusions deal %50 less damage and take %200 damage.Every illusion chases only its original and takes damage from only its original(player).Every 1 minute or so Illusion titan summons those illusions, if you cant kill your illusion in 1 min there will be 2 illusions chasing you.And if you can not kill them in 1 min there will be 3 of them and this goes like that.

2)Delusion:Every 30 sec Shadow Titan changes the terrain.It can make it icy,lava,medieval etc.Also when changing,Shadow Titan puts walls on random locations and makes a little maze which changes every 30 sec.

3)Mirror:Shadow Titan stops attacking and sits down.Its body turns into mirror.If you attack while it is in mirror form,Shadow Titan will not lose any health, it will gain health as much as your damage.(If you hit 2k damage Shadow Titan will gain 2k hp)

07-21-2015, 07:05 AM
nice one bro