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Lo Mein
07-21-2015, 06:16 AM
Something I've noticed Trove is lacking in is boss mechanics. What makes a good boss fight isn't necessarily the boss itself but it's interactions with the player and environment. This can come in the form of environmentally based objectives, a dynamically changing battle stage, etc. An incredibly apt example of boss design would have to be the Metroid Prime series. Aside from a small minority, most fights are quite memorable and require some degree of strategy to defeat.

Here are a couple examples, the latter of which this post takes great inspiration from.

Quadraxis (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10LTEjKPchQ)

Chykka (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhxJT6p5DGs)

Umbral Ophidian

A colossal abomination of marine and reptilian life, conceived through abhorrent, inhumane experimentation of evil magic.

Its body shape is long and narrow, that of a snake but with vicious, spiny fins repeating along its back (think of a pike/pickerel's fins). At the head and tail region, it has a set of these fins on its sides. Its underbelly is bare/smooth. It has a jet black body with a dark purple underbelly and webbing in its fins. Its eyes are a harsh red (255,0,0/#FF0000). Finally, its head is that of a venomous snake: triangular with its hollow fangs protruding from its mouth.

-Miasma (Passive):
Any platform the Umbral Ophidian slithers/travels over is covered with a toxic mist for a short duration. (This keeps the players mobile and not static). Furthermore, it is invulnerable while submerged.

-Venomous Discharge/Bite: The Umbral Ophidian spits out venomous projectiles at players, poisoning and slowing those hit. It then lunges and bites at a poisoned target. If no players are hit, it remains stationary for a brief time before submerging.

-Vile Spawn: The Umbral Ophidian lays 4 eggs underwater which simultaneously float to the top and hatch after a duration if not destroyed. If they hatch, a monster with the strength of a standard boss spawns. While they are alive, the Umbral Ophidian gains strength from them, negating all damage dealt to it and rapidly using Venomous Discharge and Bite until they are defeated. If all the eggs are destroyed, the Umbral Ophidian surfaces in a weakened and takes 50% increased damage.

-Petrifying Glare (Ultimate): The Umbral Ophidian fires a beam across either a diagonal or row of platforms depending on the players' locations. Players hit are petrified for 5 seconds. It then smashes its head into a platform, destroying it and knocking back players on the platform. Petrified players are instantly killed if standing on the platform being destroyed. This ability is only used when health is at 50% and 20%. The middle platform is destroyed during the 50% phase and the four corner platforms are destroyed during the 20% phase.

The stage consists of 9 platforms arranged in a 3x3 square all floating on a deep pool of black water. Black water both damages the player and very rapidly drains energy. The platforms are considerably spaced out to allow the boss to travel between them. The perimeter surrounding the platforms is also considerably sized as well.