View Full Version : Shadow titan mechanic suggestion.

07-21-2015, 04:43 AM
So a few enemies can buff up their defense quite a bit, so i was thinking what if the boss had a constant def buff that only went down before it did its attacks. i was thinking a basic power attack, a spell like attack(meteor rain, perhaps turned into shadow rain with dark purple fireballs instead), and an AoE attack like the poison AoE would except it would be burst damage that could only be avoided by jumping. for each of these heavy attacks its def buff would drop during a channel time/charge time giving the player a window to deal massive damage.

Also It would be interesting if he had counters to class types, as of with the AoE attack in its proximity it already challenges melee classes who have to look out for that. i believe that for ranged players it should summon a wall of pinata like objects (health wise) once it does the AoE attack to prevent them for a short while from attacking at a range.

I am sure a boss with these attributes will be alot more fun to fight against that our basic bosses and the shadow colossus (instead of it being a spam fest of attacks) one has to worry and work their attacks well. so far the Colossus is the most difficult boss to fight because its constantly attacking for a lot of damage and his stun box is small so at a range he is hard to control using stuns and what not leaving him room to be difficult.

I think a new boss with these attack patters that i have suggested would bring us a more fun boss to fight. I hope I help in some way :) i really love this game and would like for there to be a bit more endgame challenges like a raid boss that is more challenging as i've described or a survival arena game mode. i hope to see more awesome end game stuff added in the future