View Full Version : Shadow Titan: Antithesis

07-21-2015, 04:17 AM
Okay, this is made without any peeks at other ideas, so I don't know if I am copying someone and if so, sorry.

Anyway, Antithesis (or whatever name would be appropriate) is the literal opposite to Goddess. He is a being of the Void, the most pure form of Shadow. His appearance is that of a massive hooded being, easily twenty times the size of a Trovian. Purple eyes glare out from the hood of the cloak, and smoke of the same color pours from said eyes. His very purpose is to corrupt or destroy all that is good in the world. Sunlight is incredibly harmful to him and he wishes to see the sun itself snuffed out so he can walk the earth and gaze upon his new kingdom.

Now, for mechanics. Antithesis floats over a pit of darkness, where Shadow Knights endlessly spawn until their master is defeated. Thankfully, the Goddess herself is able to shine upon our heroes if they can find a way to open up the arena to the sun. Perhaps a complicated series of mirrors can act as a way to weaken the titan of shadow. He does take damage from ranged attacks, and focuses his might on those who damage him the most. Melee users will be able to fight off the Shadow Knights and search for the switch or mechanism needed to bring the Void-walker to the ground. Whenever the sun shines on him, the pit he floats over is revealed to be a portal of his own design, and the sunlight banishes the portal while it shines upon him. This is the time to strike, as he will be defenseless as he builds up enough power to smash the mirror or light-bringing mechanism to pieces. Even then, if enough light is put on him, it would cause him to be unable to retaliate.

That is, until he reaches his final form. If he is enraged enough, he will destroy any possible way of bringing light to the room, and enter a second phase. Black tentacles sprout from the bottom his cloak, and his gleaming claws are revealed. If he is brought to this state, he will no longer summon Shadow Knights, but instead attack by himself, flying very quickly and swiping all around the arena. This is where the abilities would come in.

Shadow Slash: An incredibly quick series of slashes with his claws and tentacles, damaging anything in front of him.

Hurricane of the Void: A spinning attack that damages all around him for ten blocks and drops bombs of shadow that explode on contact with a Trovian or the ground (does no damage to ground)

Void-roar: This attack signals that Antithesis is getting close to death. It will push everyone away from him in a desperate bid to confuse the heroes. It will also cause a darkening of the hero's vision, so he cannot be spotted easily.

So, yeah. Tell me what you guys think. Is he too complicated? Too much reliance on environment? Too generic? Or just plain too terrifying for a game like this?