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07-21-2015, 03:46 AM
Shadow Titan Name: Shadow Of Darsh'Vor

Lore: Comes from the black shadow lakes in the shadow realm, commands countless shadow armies, and strikes fear into even the undead. Loves to consume souls, while being a very aggressive beast. most commonly seen in the darker realms of the mortal world, but does not fear to travel into the others. Some say it is scared of the peaceful hills because of the sunlight bulbs being used for some recipe that can work negatively against it. Finally, tends to like the duelling traditional challengers, and will attack the ones who wield melee over ranged first, but if it see's the ranges being more of a threat, it won't hesitate to consume them first as well!

Found/most common biome: Mainly dungeon bosses, more commonly dragonfire peaks, but very rarely can be found to roam the lands, if not in dragonfire peaks or a dungeon, it can be found trying to stare down a sunlight bulb structure. Finally, if you kill enough of his minions he sends to get you from the shadow realm, in the next drop, he just may come for you. The sky will turn to a dark purple, as you feel your body to weaken, and out of the shadow he will come, to feast and consume all!

Size: Well just pretty big (if it is like the sky world mobs, then one bigger for the main boss)? Or even better, the shadow world boss kind of has the size I am thinking of, but perhaps even bigger, seeming these are a called shadow titans! ;)

Legs: 4, quite well built and muscular.

Looks: Shadowy, but slightly demonic, coloured black and dark purple type shade too (if you are able to, some sort of dark mist that follows the creature around)?

Arms: 2, similar to legs, well built and muscular to carry it's heavy weapon.

Wields: Could be either a giant hammer, giant battleaxe, or giant sword (again demonicish looks).

Noise: mostly grunts, maybe when fighting, whispers of something surrounds the player.

Head: just one again demonic look.

Eyes: 4 dark purple blue colour with a smokey theme coming from them.

Hp: not sure about hp levels in the game right now, but perhaps similar to sky world bosses, or slightly higher, just a high boss hp really.

Drops: Based on the idea I have here, I would say a 5 star rainbow (forgot the name of the actual level) leveled gear, and a maximum based on the world you are fighting him in. Perhaps as well, a special hat, or mount, like in the sky world, but these are extremely rare, and the chance to get them is higher as the uber becomes higher. One more idea, quite far fetched, but perhaps an opportunity to release a new type of costume, that players can collect for their character, and also only needs to be collected once to be unlocked for all classes, not sure on design but I think it would be a very nice touch that players would love, of course this would be extremely rare as well.

After Death: Due to the humungous size, and the power that surges through to the mortal world, there is a chance after his death that a portal remains open to the part of the shadow world he came from. This will either lead the player to one of his many vaults where two shadow chests lay, and a rare chance of a special shadow crate (Crate Of The Titan) which will give level 2 shadow items, or the chance for a special box which gives some very nice things. Either the player can be transported there, or to one of his training arenas, where many of his minions await, but just a normal shadow box lays at the end.

Strengths: Very capable of killing of melee if the opponent doesn't come prepared. Can take on up to 6 maybe 8 players depending on its mood. When it uses it's special abilities, they can cause huge disadvantages to the opponent, even death. Can be trapped, but it does have quite a range on its melee, and will use that to attack the player, but will destroy blocks as well, can also jump pretty high to escape. Again, on rare occasions it will spawn a much lesser easy to kill but still fairly strong shadow knight and two very weak minions beside him. Finally, this is just a huge boss, that you will need a group of people to take on, either fight with a group, die alone, or run!

Weaknesses: very eager, and will follow a player until they are dead or it finds a bigger threat, meaning it could be trapped (well they will need a huge hole). The roar can be interrupted if it's head is hit. It can jump, but it can't climb, as much as it will destroy blocks to escape or get to it's enemies, those who can attack from a far, or from above, will have a great advantage over this beast, but it is pretty big and they are going to have to be pretty high, most dungeons it is found in, won't let players to build their own structures too, making it a bigger challenge.

3 main attacks: #1: a loud roar where it stretches it's arms out and makes the player freeze then move slowly for a number of seconds... 5-10 seems reasonable I think (this could also be an attack that it only begins to use when its health is down to a certain amount, and as well as roaring, gains a very small percentage increase in damage with normal attacks).

#2: with the weapon it wields, a smash which drains energy and damages a lot of the players health if they are too close, but like for most bosses, raises the weapon above it's head to give the player warning so they don't die instantly. However, this attack is a charging attack as well, it takes 6-7 seconds for the attack to be fully charged, however if the sword or head is hit, the attack will stop charging and deal out the damage it had charged, a minimum of 1000hp damage, not sure on maximum, but let's just say it takes it to critically low numbers.... You will be able to see how charged the attack is from the weapon glowing a brighter red/purple (some sort of dark side related colour).

#3: simple swiping the weapon at the player (if these are three special abilities then here's the third) on rare occasions, or when it is first attacked, will pick up the player with one of it's arms and throw them back a few metres.

Low Health: When the beast has roared and is at low health after the damage has increased, every 5-10 hits try and run to heal, but will re-engage after 2 more hits.

That is my idea for a monster, to be honest I would kind of like to this one in game myself. But some of these ideas could be overcomplicated for a boss in game, like the attacks I mentioned and so I don't expect all of what I said to be in game, and I know there may be aspects which are a bit too 'op' but I wanted to more go in the direction that this boss would be an actual challenge that players would feel they would need a plan before hand but also in some cases be forced to run from, not a boss that you can just farm for quick resources, but as long as the main parts of this beast are and it still represents and boss to be feared, I'll be satisfied :). In all seriousness, I hope you get the idea I'm going for and would love to see this idea in game. Fighting the Shadow Of Darsh'Vor with a bunch of club mates, would be pretty spectacular, and I hope you enjoy reading and looking into this shadow titan!

Thanks Empor56

(did post this as a reply in the create your own shadow titan post, but wasn't sure if it was the right place so posted here just in case).

07-21-2015, 07:02 AM
I know it is a lot to read, but I think there are definitely things in there that can be pulled together to make the titan, if not all of them can be used :)

07-21-2015, 07:12 AM
I like a ton of these, but the biome idea is kind of dashed because they said they would be having a shadow tower like thing. So it may be like the shadow portal where they're all the same no matter what biome except different monster spawn.

07-21-2015, 07:20 AM
Yeah, the spawning areas, were more another suggestion, I have added perhaps 2 or 3 suggestions all together in this one post, but also I don't really mind about spawning areas for the monster and such, leave that for another day, as long as the beast itself get's the attention ;)

07-21-2015, 08:46 AM
oh and the portal idea, was more a separate idea too, but again not really fussed about it.

07-21-2015, 02:08 PM
What will you do when the darkness comes, and the light... goes out ;)

07-22-2015, 11:14 AM
How is the titan monster chosen? Based on what?