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07-21-2015, 02:59 AM
Name: Undecided

Appearance: Like a standard Minotaur from legend, except either cyborg in looks or kitted in black and purple armor. Stands on it's hind legs and wields some sort of cleaver or axe.

(The following image is from a quick google search, no credit goes to me) But something similar this:

http://img15.deviantart.net/79a7/i/2012/305/7/3/robot_minotaur__3d_model_by_yeshuanel-d5jnn8q.jpg (http://yeshuanel.deviantart.com/art/Robot-Minotaur-3D-model-335346794)


Ground Shatter - Heaves its weapon on the floor creating a shock wave that knocks player back whilst damaging them.

Hell On Earth - Stomps its hoof on the floor creating a fiery fissure that targets the player. Similar to a flame wall type attack though follows the player, flames stay active for 3-5 seconds after activation still dealing damage.

Bulls Charge - Charges nearby players causing damage and knock back. Players hit by the attack should be slowed in movement for a couple of seconds after impact.

If this idea is not used for a shadow boss, a standard Minotaur boss would be great with a new labyrinth dungeon in the Highlands or Fae biomes ;)

Hope you like my suggestion! :)