View Full Version : Dance Afro Robot

07-21-2015, 02:24 AM
Boss Name: Dance Afro Robot


Classic Disco party dressing style: Afro, sunglasses, and white suit!

Ability 1: Dance Time


Boss summon a disco ball on the sky (will be at 10 blocks high I guess), and the ball will release a rainbow field (5x5?) to force all the players within the field to dance, unable to move/attack/use flask. The disco ball can be destroyed and field will disappear after that.

Ability 2: The Windmill


Boss do a classic Windmill dance move to cause AOE damages on players around. The dance will last 10 secs and during the duration, all the long range attacks made by players will be damaging reflect on players themselves.

Ability 3: Ultimate party


Boss summon 8 dancer minions to join the party. The dancer minions will keep doing windmill move all the time (no damage will reflect, it's just the way they attack.) But when minions damage players, +3% Health leach back to boss.

P.S. All the images / GIF are come from google, nothing made/draw by me.