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07-21-2015, 02:13 AM
Boss Name: Time Keeper (or Clock Master ?)

I imagine it as a powerful ancient mechanical creature with all sorts of clock elements like cogwheels and clockhand on its body.

http://i.imgur.com/XLeXDTQ.gif</font><font face=Calibri>

(Just use the monster " Clock Tower Manager" from Ragnarok online as examples)

Ability 1: Wheel of Time
Boss summon bunch of cogwheels to do AOE attcks on players, and the players who hit by wheels will get the debuff which largely decrease their attack speed but increase their skill cooldown time.
(Use thecontent in Puella Magi Madoka Magica as example)

Ability 2: Slowing Totems
Spawns several Totems that will each create a green field, and the player's move & jump speed will decreased dramatically whenever they are within the area of field. The Totems can be destroyed and field will disappear after that. (Work in the same way as Gravity Totems)

Ability 3: Freezing Time
Have same effects as Ice Sage's ultimate, except that this time it's a world boss to use this on us, players. However, I do think that the boss will need to charge few seconds (body glowing yellow?) before the ability is used, otherwise players will never be able to avoid this. And also, the freezing duration should lasts longer than Ice Sage's ultimate because it's a world boss.

Well, I think all of its abilities can certainly make good combo together. Ex: Slowing Totems make players hard to run far enough from boss even though they see it's charging for Freezing Time, and during the Freezing Time, the Wheel of Time
can also make good AOE demage on players who are be freezing, plus all those annoying debuff.