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Hatter 10I6
07-21-2015, 02:06 AM
Shadow Crow
A giant crow, flying around trying to be as hard to hit as possible.
(Sorry for bad quality of concept art, I don't have scanner and drawing with mouse, especially in paint sucks.)
Basically: Giant crow 2x size of player (or bigger) with red piece of cloth on its neck and metal mask covering its beak, held in place with leather strips.
How it works
There will be 3 phases, each consisting of different behavior of the bird and different task for the players.
[Phase 1]
In first phase players will be climbing somewhere high (on big tree, mountain, tower, etc.) to find crow's nest but bird will be circling around trying to push you off and make you fall to your death (or fall damage at least).
[Phase 2]
Second phase begins when players arrive to the nest, in which the real fight will begin, crow will still be circling around in air with the same moveset of first phase but this time players will have more space to fight it.
[Phase 3]
Last phase will begin after dealing enough damage to the crow (at this moment mask that was covering it will fall off revealing its beak), it'll now be more aggressive, attacking faster and stronger but it'll now land on ground instead of flying around.
[Phase 1 & Phase 2]
1. Charge - Crow will charge at players attacking them with its mask dealing big damage and knocking off everyone hit (Attack will be a lot more dangerous in first phase as it's easier to fall).
2. Grab - Crow will perform similar move to charge, but instead of attacking us with its covered beak, it'll now use claws to grab maximum of 2 player, fly away and drop them from the nest.
3. Blow - Crow will fly in place, slightly above the ground using its wings to create wind dealing damage and pushing you off.
Phase 3
Moveset of third phase will be really just a ground version of previous attacks.
1. Beak attack - Crow will use its beak to hit anything in front of it in fast speed.
2. Claw attack - Crow will use its claws to cut or stomp anything
3. Blow - Crow will fly in place, slightly above the ground using its wings to create wind dealing damage and pushing you off.

Also during phase 2 attacking crow with melee weapon slightly before it hits you with either charge or grab will make it fall to the nest and be stunned for a while so you can easily deal some damage before it recovers.

Post Scriptum
Please leave your opinions on my idea.
I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes in my post as it's not my main language, however I tried to fix as many errors as I could.