View Full Version : Lava Titan

07-21-2015, 01:53 AM
A giant quadruped boss made mostly of damaging blocks, but after every attack a portion of it "cools down" to form a safe pathway to climb to attack the core (located behind it's head). Which players must do because every attack also results with the floor being temporarily covered in lava. After a while, the floor returns to normal as the boss' shell signals itself to turn back into damaging status.

Fireball Frenzy: Fireball drops all over the arena, depositing temporary lava until the entire floor is filled.

Disperse: Breaks up into many balls which bounces around the room, eventually forming into a single blob which splashes down in the center, lava spreading out from impact.

Stomp: each foot stamps down in succession, radiating a wave of damaging blocks (like the fire traps in Super Mario 3D World)

Melt: Directly melt down, nearly covering the entire floor in lava before platforms harden within said lava; with the rest of the floor soon submerged.