View Full Version : Nova Guardian

07-21-2015, 01:50 AM
A relatively smaller boss, but with giant/massive telegraphed attacks.

Nova Guard: turn nigh invulnerable to damage for a moment; every attack on it launches a high knockback + damage projectile at source.

Nova Spin: creates a damaging wall on both sides of itself, and rotates it around.

Nova Wall: Creates a Nova wall at one end of the room, which then rushes nearly to the other end. Can be chained.

Nova Armageddon: jumps up and creates a GIANT ball of energy which slowly descends. Players must build a wall to block the attack, or be effectively knocked right out of the arena, along with massive damage (alternatively, pillars will raise up at this point for players to hide behind).

Nova Rampage: Jumps up, and creates a ring of nova, before throwing it down directly beneath it. everything outside the ring is knocked inwards with damage. Nova flood: Slams down, and causes the floor to deal massive damage to anyone not in the air.