View Full Version : Potatus Destructios, your Starch and End.

07-21-2015, 01:27 AM

Basically it would be a giant potato that shoots you with little potatoes. Why a potato with a top hat, you may ask? Well, there are no potatoes in trove, so therefore it would be obvious that any potato deity would love to wreak revenge on trovians for this. Why the top hat? Well, you need to distinguish the fact you are a superior deity so why not define yourself with a pleasant fashion statement?

Structure of boss fight:

Boss launches attack patterns.
Once the attack is over it is vulnerable briefly to attack.
Once it loses its health, it will regenerate itself and start off a new attack pattern.
If it does not get killed during the short vulnerability period it does not regain health and simply does another attack pattern.
Once it has been killed for the fifth time, it will be completely destroyed.
After every time it is killed it does its attack patterns faster and with more damage, but it has a longer vulnerability period and has visual effects of losing lumps of potato out of its body..

Attack Patterns:

Splits into multiple potatoes that are identical. These potatoes have low health and one of them is the boss, but players cannot tell which it is so they have to destroy each one until they find the true boss.
Teleports to a random player and gets them stuck in a lump of potato which lasts for five seconds.
Shoots seeking potatoes directly at a random player, but these potato projectiles can be destroyed by other players.
Shoots sprays of potatoes (not player seeking) in a full circle. These potatoes do not form a full circle so can be dodged or destroyed, and are similar to the shotgun attacks of bosses in the game Realm Of the Mad God.
Potato explodes violently, causing no harm to self but this always makes the boss vulnerable. The attack is warned to players as they have a few seconds to escape as the boss would have bright red particles flashing around it in the few seconds before its attack. High damage to players but cannot do a 1-hit-KO.