View Full Version : The Creature. My Titan Idea.

07-21-2015, 01:12 AM
Here's my idea and some thoughts, hope you like it.

What I don't want:

Anything humanoid, or too similar to any natural creature, no spiders, knights, mages. Not a dragon (we already have a dragon class and dragon mounts, we can be a bit more original). Nothing jokey and humorous.

What I do want:

Anything Lovecraftian in design. Make it truly intimidating and disturbing in design.

My design Idea:

It's body makes up two parts, the back half and the front half, which have noticeable differences. It's posture is closest to that of a 4 legged mammal, but in a manner that is intimidating, it's back arches out, like an angry cat would make. It's size should be massive, comparable to the size of the "Great Grey Wolf Sif" from Dark Souls. Keep in mind that I will reference different creatures in the description of this design, but the design should be consistent through the creature (unlike something like the Chimaera where the individual parts look drastically different)

The bottom half's closest resemblance would be that of a massive leech, Layered in rock like Scales with two, spiked double knee legs (Velociraptor style) coming from the middle of this half, making the rest of the bottom half's body appear as a tail. At the front of this half, where the bottom half meats the top, is the leech-like mouth which attaches itself to the upper half with a visible row of teeth. A few small beady eye's appear on this half near where the two connect. This half should be a bit thinner then the second half.

The front half is much bulkier yet smoother and less armored in appearance, the closest thing I can think to describe it would be the upper body of a Gorilla (Still in the theme of a Scaly Reptillian creature tho) with two large single-joint arms. One is covered in spikes and resembles a large club, and the other a spikey claw (as in a crab). The head is shaped like that of a Snapping Turtle, the mouth opens nearly the entire length of the head, and opens to reveal the row of long intimidating teeth. The eyes are similar to the ones on the bottom half, small and beady, but has 10-12 small beady eyes spread over the top half of the head on both sides.

The creatures coloring should be dark and shadowy, shades of purple and black and should emit some sort of shadowy aura (as his abilities have some dark magical effects).

My Ability Ideas:

Basic attacks can include physically swiping across the ground with the club arm, snapping out with the claw arm, or biting with the massive spikey mouth.

Abilities can include firing a dark laser (similar to the current laser ability but larger) from it's mouth directly forward quickly spinning 360 degrees randomly clockwise or counter-clockwise (to give a bit of unpredictability), dealing serious damage and slowing those hit by the laser for a decent amount of time, while pushing characters away and doing some damage as the "tail" whips around.

Creature grabs club hand with claw hand and smashes the ground, doing a large AOE of damage and leaving behind a very large damaging area of effect (similar to the poison cloud ability) of dark energy for a decent amount of time.

Creature leans back on two legs, stabbing the "tail" into the ground, dealing a massive amount of damage to those near the rear of the creature, while balancing on it's hind legs and tail and screeching upwards, doing damage to everyone in an AOE from the sound, while also draining energy (like plasma) and, if possible preventing jumping or flight for a decent amount of time to those effected by the attack.

Creature rears back on hind legs and tail and points head down, opens mouth and inhales deeply causing players to be pulled towards the creature (Maybe also drain energy or slow while doing so), the creature then slams back down onto all four doing AOE damage and slowing for a bit.

I tried coming up with abilities that worked well together to make the boss more dangerous and intimidating (No Jumping/Flight or Slow + Damaging Terrain AOE; Laser + No Jumping/Flight; Pulling Players in + AOE attacks)


Feel free to change anything above as you want/need, add or remove abilities or effects, change the design, coloring, theme, give the creature or it's abilities names (Tho I've just been referring to it as "Creature" this entire time and "The Creature" is simple and has got a good ring to it), ect. do whatever you want with it!

I think giving the community this opportunity is really awesome and I really enjoyed the chance to rack my brain for some creative ideas that could possibly be implemented into a game I'm loving and haven't been able to put down, so thanks!