View Full Version : Spiketan - The worst idea ever, but still look at it pls

07-21-2015, 12:44 AM
I love spikes and I love trapping players in them. So I thought of a trap titan which is spiky and has lava flowing off him.

Appearance - Dark body, with metallic specular maps and glowing spiky feet and torso. He will have a chain made out of VFX around him like a ring. Glowing red eyes and slight hints of red around the torso and lower and upper feet areas.

Ability #1 - His body is full of spikes, if a player touches the spikes then the spikes damage them. He can also attract the player into him
Ability #2 - He can spit out lava/fire like the dungeon turrets or deploy a turret that does this.
Ability #3 - Deploys a 5x5 spike wall around the player and the titan which traps the player with the titan and lasts 20 seconds.

Hope you like my ideas.

inbefore accepted