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07-21-2015, 12:22 AM
You enter a large room. In its center is the largest treasure chest you have ever seen. Is this your prize? Is there no one guarding it? Perhaps you have lucked out!

Swiftly you approach the chest excited to see what treasures it contains, but as you attempt to lift its lid, the chest fly's open darkness spewing from its limitless depths. Slowly a massive hand, and then another pulls themselves from the box pulling up a creature of unequal size revealing...

Vaz the Dark Djinn


Vaz is a gigantic hulking figure with his lower half stuck inside a giant treasure chest. He is covered in chains and attack players with his fists and some djinn magic.

Basic attack: Vaz smashes his target with his massive fists.

Ability 1- Bottomless Chest: Vaz disappears inside his chest and flips it on its side leaving only his gnashing teeth visible. He begins pulling in all nearby players. Any players to reach him take damage as he chews on them.
(meant to attack melee players)

Ability 2- Djinn Fire: Vaz summons up a ball of dark energy before him, after a delay the ball fires out a barrage of dark energy projectiles in a large area in front of Vaz.
(meant to attack ranged players)

Ability 3- Fools Gold: Vaz disappears inside his chest and closes the lid. He then vanishes before a number of identical chests are spawned into the room. Only one of the chests is actually Vaz, while the others are fakes. While hidden Vaz regenerates hp at a fast rate. If players attack a fake chest the chest breaks apart, Vaz's chest does not. Once Vaz's chest is hit enough times the ability ends and Vaz re-emerges from his chest destroying any fake chest that remain.
( this ability is meant to facilitate the need for groups of players, I don't know if people are able to enter this fight alone, but if they are this will help to facilitate team work as otherwise it is based on luck how fast you will be able to locate Vaz and stop his healing. This ability may have to be limited to once or twice a fight at say the first time he reaches 50% and 25% hp.)


And that's my idea for the boss. I don't feel my image is a true representation of how he would look in game, but I felt some sort of image was needed to show what I was trying to describe for the boss. I'll take it down if its taking away from my idea more than its contributing to it.

Anyways Id love to hear from yall if you got some input on my idea. :p

Oh, also I would imagine he moves by dragging himself around with his hands.

07-21-2015, 12:35 PM
I added a trovian to the picture for a rough size reference.

07-21-2015, 12:51 PM
This is a awesome concept!

07-21-2015, 03:40 PM
Thank's I am glad you like it! Hopefully others will too.