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07-21-2015, 12:12 AM
Yeah, it'd be nice if the game had climactic gigantic bosses. To access this boss you will need to dig down in uber worlds and explore the thick underground through stone and dirt. Until you find a very rare portal room. The portal teleports you into an area where you will need to use almost every thing at your disposal to reach the boss room.

You cannot in any kind of way be invited to join someone, or teleport to someone that is inside of these dungeons. Once you die, you cannot be resurrected by other players and you will respawn at your plot or at the uber world's spawn point. You cannot enter back into that portal manually either by going back. You'll need to discover another randomly generated one.

The boss will be four times bigger in size than the big bosses at the end of a shadow arena. It'll be very strong to the point where a balanced team of eight players will most likely require three barbarians for candy healing, two tomb raisers/one tomb raiser and one fae trickster, three of any combination of DPS classes. An unbalanced team of players will either result in not enough damage, or either being too squishy and dies to fast. It is recommended to have gear that is appropriate for your combat level and make sure it is upgraded well.

Bosses should have multiple attack patterns and behaviors. In each of these special boss dungeons, each boss is different than the last one or could be the same. Mainly because there will be different kinds of these bosses in the game with their own multiple attack patterns and behaviors. A player will become more experienced the more time he/she does these dungeons due to memorizing the attack patterns and behaviors of each one. You'll eventually react differently by what animation the boss is currently doing.

An example of these patterns and behaviors is that the normal attack speed can change up sometimes. A power attack will result in a longer attack animation but the damage dealt is increases by a lot and the AoE radius is bigger. Memorizing the wind up of this attack allows the player to either jump into the air by timing, or either move away from the hit radius quickly. There is no indication of these power attacks before it happens, such as the boss turning red, steam appearing, or either a roar. You will simply have to memorize the size of the impact and the starting wind up of the attack for each separate boss. Eventually it'll be intuitive and your sixth sense.

Some times bosses will go into a rage and their attack speed increases, the damage AoE radius is reduced but anyone caught in the rage will take damage very quickly due to the increases attack speed.

These gigantic bosses generally attack what's in front of them, or everything in front of them. But a wind up animation will sometimes be played where their next attack will hit everything AROUND the boss. Memorizing the separate wind ups of this between each separate bosses will be good for those who attack from behind or the sides of the boss.

You ever think the big shadow arena bosses are sometimes weak and killed quickly? Well the bosses in this area aren't! They're bigger, have way more health, and have attack patterns and behaviors. They have major increased stability to reduce knock back. Why the heck should a metal twig (from their perspective) from a mini leprechaun (from their perspective) be able to push them back with their almost non-existant arms?!

Some of these bosses should also be able to have a behavior where sometimes they will literally take off the ground and fly for a bit. They will have aerial attacks or swooping attacks. Then they will land after a bit again and use their ground attack patterns.

- IllyasvielEinzbern

This is from something that I had posted on the forum before this "Community-Created Shadow Titan Discussion" appeared. I felt like this should go here.

07-21-2015, 12:32 AM
Requiring a specific group comp is very anti Trove... strong is good, forced class comp is bad.