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07-20-2015, 11:45 PM
When the name Shadow Titan comes to mind, most think of a colossal knight with a huge greatsword and giant spikes. But in my mind, an enemy based around shadow is conniving and along the lines of insanity. ON the topic of a "titan," I take it as immensely powerful or presenting presence, more than simply big and strong.

Backstory (If too long, don't read, I just like lore):
Aeons ago, the lands were plagued by an abysm darker than the void of space. Lurking within the darkness lay deformed and twisted beings that had been distorted by the abyss. In this hostile world, the sentient races had little room for activities outside of survival. Evil dictatorial monarchies rose across the land. Ruling through fear, they enslaved their own people to do the survival to save the 'royalty.' Work was all people knew. Just as the void, the pages within books were empty, the world was devoid of knowledge. A young prince of one of the royal families devoted his life to the study of the shadows. After years he devised a way to rid the shadow plague from the lands and restore unto the world a new halcyon. He forged a crystal capsule from a diamond as pure and flawless as the clockwork that binds existence together. With his personal army he ventured into the depths of the darkness to find a Shadow Tower, where he could capture a node of darkness to trap its evil within. One by one, the abominations of the plague picked off his men until it was just him. Charred and beaten, he solely crawled up the final flight of stairs into a chamber black as pitch. Evil energy radiated from its core, attempting to destroy the mind of the prince. Fighting the barrages of ethereal unrest, he struggled to store the dark node, as the void sunk into its crystal cell for eternal incarceration. The curse on the land subsided and the people were free from the darkness, but it took the ultimate sacrifice. The darkness had completely consumed the body of the prince, corrupting his soul, destroying what made him human. To this day, at the top of the tower, he is sealed alongside the void of the Dark Ages, waiting til the day a band of heroes unlocks the door to his cell. Will you be one of those heroes? Or be consumed by the abyss just as the prince had?

The Warden is about twice the size of a player. A shadowy aura chokes the air around him, darkening the screen of nearby players. He is garbed in royal robes that have faded to evil hues of black and purple from the crystalline formations growing on his cloak. On his face he wears a mask of black crystals, shrouding half his face. The other half reveals his twisted face bearing a maniacal smile. The whites of his eyes have been filled with the void and the only distinction of "life," is his crazed red pupils (the red pupil on the side with the crystal mask is visible through a gap in the mask). He wields a shadowy scepter in his hand and a ball of dark energy in his other. He levitates slightly off the ground.

Chaos Storm: numerous shadow crystals erupt from his scepter as he spins midair in a circle, showering the area with crystalline death
Shadow Nova: the warden flies several blocks into the air and drops a mini black hole below him. This projectile will move very slowly to the ground, taking around 5 seconds to land, and upon impact will expand and suck in players within a fair sized radius to its core, dealing massive damage.
Manic Laughter: the warden lets out a sickening, maniacal laugh; slowing players to a snails pace.
*Easily followed up with Shadow Nova or a Chaos Storm.*

AI Extras:

He will prefer to circle around players as they get near to try to keep distance
Sometimes he will float over players
He can create copies of himself that can sustain a single hit and deal no damage themselves

Thanks for reading to here! :D
Hope you enjoy this complex concept. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this Shadow Titan concept!