View Full Version : [Shadow Titan] "Wear"abouts?

07-20-2015, 11:27 PM
What could be even more terrifying than an adorable little animal suddenly strikes with fierce to the trovians.

Name: Wear-o-bouts

Design: Fierce Little kitten that a dark shadowy aura surrounds its cuteness

-Fragile and weak (health same as a 1 star dungeon monster)
-Strong and deadly
-basic attacks are quick as it strikes 2 scratches per second of 20% health damage
-Small and quick for an uneasy target but yet weak.
-Passive: immune to any sort of Crowd Control (slow, Stun, frozen, etc.) for 5 sec and has a
cool-down of 6 after the 5 seconds are done.

First appearance:
On the final wave a box will start jumping around towards the Trovians and as soon as it nears at least 3 feet from the closest trovian the box opens and a dark aura blast upwards and in it comes out an adorable animal with the tearing eyes of cuteness. For entertainment if the trovian doesn't stand 1 foot away from the kitten it will follow the closest trovian as it tries to reach out its paw. However fear that if it grabs you, it's eyes will turn sharp and red and with it will strike a fierce knockdown blow, pushing you far across the map where spikes, lava, or any sort of trap can finish him off if he doesn't react to his potion. However for range, attempting to disturb the kitten's walk will not only get it angry and begin the battle but will use one of its abilities (the first one)...

_Spirit holder_
-Increasing the speed and jump it can catch a trovian and hop on it's back as a way to shelter its self while its claws is feel with magic to manipulate the body on it's own will. Further more attacking other trovians and using the body's abilities. Its only weakness shoot/hit the back 4 times (note that it will damage the kitten itself but only 50% damage income). Cooldown: 10 seconds.
_Quick Furry_
-Unleashing a combo the kitten will hop across players that are next to each other as it makes it way through to get out of tight situation such as surrounded by explosives, cornered in the edge of the map, or stun 2 times in a row (with a 2 sec collapse time) Damage: 10% health. No cooldown but by instinct.
_Meow of the dead_
-Upon close too death, the kitten summons 9 cats (get the reference) to protect it and attack the Trovians dealing small damage but if they decided to jump together on one player, the damage will be crucial as their Stats is only 25% of the Shadow Wear-o-bout. Cooldown: Used only once.

Loot (just for fun):
With a rarity of 10% obtain you may get a hold of the Shadow Wear-o-bouts as and ally and have 4 random boost of 10% each, each one will hold different boost and may show before using to see if u may want to trade it. Furthermore, with a 5% chance, you may obtain a cat like costume (3 different kind)