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07-20-2015, 10:43 PM
Name : Tronosus

How should the boss appear : You roam around this normal Neon biome (is a Neon biome even considered "normal"?) when you notice a fine mist that reduces your view distance, only for you to see lights. (http://img02.deviantart.net/5a6e/i/2010/023/2/c/a_light_in_mist_by_nicholastse.jpg) When you notice one orange light in particular that starts moving, and the the whole boss appears. During the boss fight, other monsters from the Neon biome may assist the boss.

How it looks : Tronosus is, by it's name, a tall giant made of black stones (similar to the ones you can find in the neon biome) with stranges symbols on it that weakly glows an orange shade. It has a sphere at the top of his head that glows orange and is much brighter than it's other parts. Around the sphere is a small but strong energy shield.

How to defeat it : It's weak spot is the orange sphere on his head. Around it is an energy shield. There are two ways to deal damage to Tronosus:
1. Jump/fly your way to the top of the boss' head. To reach the sphere, you have to break the shield first using your attacks before attacking the sphere itself. No matter how much damage you deal, the shield takes 5-7 hits before breaking. You have 4 seconds to deal damage to the boss before the shield regenerates and Tronosus shakes itself, throwing you away.
2. Make him lose it's stability. If you attack one if it's feet, Tronosus will start to lose stability for 10 seconds, if, within 10 seconds, you deal enough damage to the other foot, Tronosus will trip and fall, breaking the shield in the falling, allowing you to deal damage to the sphere. Within 10 seconds, the shield regenerates and Tronosus gets up.
You can only deal damage to Tronosus' weak spot : the orange sphere. Hitting it's feet does not reduce Tronosus' life bar and hitting anything else does nothing.

Attacks :
Heavy smash : Tronosus punches the ground, dealing damage to anything on the ground within a high radius. Predictable via an animation at the beginning of the move. If the life of Colossus is below 30%, Tronosus jumps at you and smashes the ground instead of the usual. The radius of the attack is also increased.
Boulder torpedo : Tronosus levitates some blocks around him and fires them at you, following you like a torpedo. The projectiles can be broken by attacking them.
Neon laser : Tronosus fires 4 short lasers from it's sphere.
Not really an attack but Shake : This attack is only triggered if a player has been on the boss for 10 seconds or 5 seconds if the shield has been broken. Tronosus shakes itself, knocking back players on it. Does weak damage. This attack is always followed by 5 Neon lasers.

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