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07-20-2015, 10:37 PM
A chaotic lord and servant of the shadows and night. He breaks his bindings to ascend back to the lands of Trove, for he wishes to avenge his fallen leader whom he held so dear.

NAME: The Everdark Lord

DESIGN: A shadow... no, everdark titan of massive proportions. Upon his head is a cracked Corona of Chaos, shadows surging out and falling to the ground. His armor is jet black, streaks of a silver metal lining its edges. Finally, in his hands lies a massive great sword, an aura of moonlight surrounding it and a hazy mist.

Judgement of Moonlight: The Everdark Lord raises his sword, concentrating the light of the moon. During this phase, an aura of moonlight surronds the Everdark Lord, dissapating most attacks that go near him. Then he plunges his sword into the ground, beams of immense power bursting out around him.

Darkness Rend: His sword becomes a blur surrounding him, blinding those who are struck and plunging them into a nightmare, dealing heavy damage overtime.

Chaos Cavalry: A rumble in the distance... suddenly, seven warriors fall from the sky, atop war horses of pure darkness. Their horses charge at groups of Trovian warriors, knocking them away and dealing moderate damage. Then they pull out their weapons and attack, being either a flurry of swords a slashing, a flurry of arrows from their bows, or a blast of devastating magic from a Dark Warlock

LOOT! (if you survive): VERY RARE DROPS - A special weapon style that, when collected, gives a large amount of mastery and permanent stat bonuses.
RARE DROPS - Quad forge souls or Penta forged souls (limited to a few runs a week though. After getting rare drops said amount of times, it its replaced with something else.)
UNCOMMON DROPS - Shadow keys, Shadow Caches, or a Triple Forge Soul.
COMMON DROPS - Eyes, Tentacles, Shadow Shards, or the occasional bunch of shadow styles.

Let me know what you think of this in the comments! Or, you could, you know, just post some pictures of potatoes down there. It's up to you! (I prefer pota- I mean feedback please!)