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07-20-2015, 10:10 PM
Every good army has to have a Leader, right? one that commands where troops go and what they're issued to fight with. My idea is that this isn't going to be a singular boss, rather 3.

There will be 3 bosses.

They are the:
Legion Captain
Legion Director
Legion Tactician

each of these will do a specific role and to complete the fight you must kill all 3

First, let us start off with the Shadow Tactician. Their job is to direct where Shadow Giants fall and when they fall, to cause maximum damage to the enemy. In the boss scenario their job is to get Shadow Giants to fall into the fight and protect the other Legion Commanders. Based on which Commander has the most/least amount of health, the Tactician will give orders to the Shadow Giants on who to protect the most. The Legion Tactician was raised to be the perfect War Tactician, but the Tactician himself was not trained too heavily on combat. Of the 3 Commanders, this one must have the lowest health of the 3 and the lowest damage. This boss will occasionally run away from the players to try and escape being harmed ( if Triangle Formation is broken)

The Giants that the Tactician will be able to spawn are:
Standard Shadow Giant
Shield Shadow Giant ( does less damage than the Standard, but takes significantly less damage )
Maul Shadow Giant ( Standard damage, but High Knockback, sends you up and outwards)

The Tactician will continue it's Standard commanding/spawning process until it reaches under 50% health. When it reaches this point it will start spawning in Shield Giants to protect itself. IF 6 or more Shield Giants are allowed to spawn, they will create a Shield Wall around the Tactician, at this point Defense will be raised 25% (starting from 6 Giants) and go up 5% more for each extra Shield Knight that join into the formation. At 25% health it spawns in Maul Giants to attempt to keep you away from it. The Maul Giants do not have a formation, rather they each target a different player and make their attempt to Knock them away from the Commander.
once the Tactician is dead, any remaining Giants spawned by him go free for all unless otherwise commanded by the Legion Captain.

Next I will be covering the Legion Director, it is their job to keep the Giant army well armed and well fed. This Boss offers the most support than the 3. Since it is in charge of the Armory, it has a significantly higher defense than the 3 since they're shuffling through the Armory all day and know which ones were in the best conditions. This boss offers buffs to the other Giants.

The things the Director is able to spawn are:
Floating Sword
Floating Shield
Floating Maul
Shadow Flasks

The Director is able to better arm the Giants even while they are in battle, on occasion the Director will spawn Floating Swords which will slowly drift to one of the Shadow Giants currently in play. once the sword reaches one of the Giants, the Giant will then drop their current sword for the one now given to them. each new sword given to them will have a better Damage buff (10% more damage per new sword, a Giant can receive up to 3 new swords granting a 30% damage bonus) each sword will be different than the last, so you know which sword is stronger.
The other weapons work similarly but with different buffs. The Shield grants a 5% Damage Reduction with each new shield, can work its way up to a 15% damage reduction. (Note, even with new shields when the Shield Giants enter the Shield Wall Phase, the damage reduction will stay fixed to what was mentioned prior, and will not go up due to a new shield. The new shield is only effective if the Shadow Giant isn't in formation or formation was broken due to the Tactician dying) Mauls, instead of gaining more damage, will instead gain 10% more Knockback per new Maul, and up to 30% more Knockback with the best upgrade. The Shadow Flasks grant an instant 10% health boost to any enemy who catches it. To stop this, you must attack the Director (He will be standing as your character would be if it were about to throw something) after 5 hits he will drop the flask and it will be lost. At 75% health the Director will start spawning in more of everything he has ( Note, the Director will NOT start spawning Shields/Mauls unless the Tactician has reached that Phase ) at 50% health the Director will request Shield Giants from the Tactician ( Note, the tactician is able to spawn things in when he shouldn't be able to, only if a Commander requests it. Extra Note, if the Tactician Spawns in Shield Giants for the Director, and the Tactician is not below 50% health, then the Director will NOT be able to spawn in shields for the Giants) at 25% health the Director will start panicking and their attack speed will go up drastically. Once the Director is dead, anything he spawned before he died will too die (Floating Swords, Shields, Mauls, etc) If an item he spawned reached the user before he died, they will still be in possession of it postmortem.

Finally we have the Legion Captain, has had years of experience in the field, he is the one who commands the entire operation. Since he has had experience in the field, he does the most damage of the 3 bosses. He is not comfortable with tactics or armaments, rather he fights with his men. Down to the basics, he towers over all the other Shadow Giants, and is decorated with medals/etc. Any Shadow Giant that has the honor to train with him is ready for any fight.

This boss is able to spawn in:
Shadow Titan
Shadow Flag Bearer

The Shadow Titan is a taller, bulkier version of the Shadow Giant. These Giants were trained only by the Captain himself. They have 25% more Damage and health than regular Giants, and cannot be geared by the Director. Although the Tactician does most of the planning, the Captain is able to override any commands given by the Tactician and instead make them do as he says. The Captain mainly commands his troops to attack the player who is doing the most damage. At 75% health, the captain spawns in a Shadow Flag Bearer that inspires faith into the troops nearby, giving them a small attack speed boost, this can be stopped if you kill the Bearer. at 50% health the Captain changes his order from attacking the ones doing the most damage, to attack those who have the lowest health. Even if they aren't attacking the Captain he will still send troops after them. at 25% health he will request Maul Giants from the Tactician to aid him. If the Tactician has died, and there are stray Shield Giants, the Captain will call to them and command them to do "Formation 4" which will then make a shield wall (if there are at least 4 Shield Giants) around the Captain. When the Captain dies, No more Shadow Titans will spawn, and ones currently active when the Captain is dead will then be commanded by the Tactician ( if still alive) and will be treated as Standard Giants. While the Captain is Active, the 3 bosses form a Triangle Formation. They aren't huddled together, rather, spread apart so they cannot all be damaged at the same time. This formation is only kept while the Captain is alive. once he is dead, the remaining bosses are allowed to travel freely.

For this bossfight to work effectively, these enemies would not be able to be walked through, or have their attacks pierce back behind the Shield Giants ( because if not, then most attacks would just ignore the Shield Wall and just go straight for the boss)

what I have here is a hefty request, but hopefully it isn't too much trouble.

07-22-2015, 09:41 PM
Seems that this hasn't gotten much attention, anything I can do to improve the bosses?

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Seems this forum section has gotten more lively since I first posted this. Ill give it one more try. hopefully i get some response this time