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07-20-2015, 09:45 PM
Ater - Dark
Vermis - Worm
Fuse them together? You get Atermis (I read it as Art-er-miss not like Ate-er-miss), though, I believe the name is subject to change.

Lets take you on a journey, you hear of a large black worm that slumbers underground, tales tell of many who searched, many reporting that it burrows underneath the ground. So, you head off on your journey, someday, you notice a large hole, it smells sour...., and you decide to jump into it.You land with a thump, and you notice it. Atermis, The Dark Worm.
It awakes, eyes shaped like an irregular diamond, glowing dreaded purple. It notices you. As it writhes closer moving like a cobra, you see pincers similar to that of scythes, ready to slice at its prey. Closer, it's body is clad in a shining purple exoskeleton of which edges are pointed and sharp. It doesn't look like you'll be leaving soon... It stops, and lifts its head and torso, standing 4 metres tall (about 14 feet). Slowly, as you back away, looking for an exit, you notice the worm give off an eerie smile, mouth too, glowing in purple. The sour smell grows stronger as you feel faint and begin to lose conscious, I don't think you'll live to tell the tale.

Atermis, The Dark Worm.

Large armored worm-like creature. Like a centipede without legs.
It has two scythe-pincers in front of it's mouth.
The armor is deep purple, and looks 'spine-y'.
When it stands up-right, it is the same height of about 1/3 of the sunflower monument in the peaceful hills (how I picture it).

Sweep - With a swift swing of it's tail, it knocks players away. It is strong, but has an extremely long start-up duration, to which many players can run away from.
Poison Gas - Spews a light purple gas, which affects the vision (blinding) and makes player's nauseous. Depletes energy. Due to this effect, if used along with 'Sweep' players may unknowingly be hit fatally.
Bite - The standard bread and butter for large enemies. Extends itself to bite a player.
Grapple (Optional) - Lunges forward and tries to grab a player. If successful, player becomes helpless for 1-2 seconds.
(Special/Optional) Burrow - Burrows underground, before targeting a player, erupting up and grappling them with it's pincers. Holds onto the player for about 2-5 seconds depending on damage dealt to the head (the grapple duration shortens as other players attack in an attempt to save them). Other abilities can be used during this active. In combination with 'sweep' and 'poison gas', Atermis can try to prevent players from saving their helpless adventurer.

This is not the boss you'll want to tackle alone, I tried to make it target both ranged, and melee players, melee with its sweep, and ranged with it's burrow, so that players must always be on their toes. I also want players to support and work as a more effective team with the inclusion of a grappled player being helpless, and that the other players must attack it to make it release them, however, I make it so that melee users cannot simply jump repeatedly whilst attacking, by implementing Poison Gas as a "go away" mechanism. Knocking Atermis into a corner isn't the most effective thing, as it's Burrow can simply move it elsewhere.
Seriously, don't tackle this thing alone.

Thank you for looking and spending time reading my idea, it was wonderful to create such a monster, and though it is meant to be a 'Shadow Titan', I decided not to make a humanoid monster (because there's too many of them already). It has been fun, and I'll see you all later ;).
If I can, I'll draw something later, so you guys can visualize it better. :rolleyes:

I found an image from D&D of a Purple Worm, I couldn't find the artist though, but their signature is there.http://morelia.neosparta.net/images/thumb/a/a9/Purple_worm.jpg/738px-Purple_worm.jpg

Inspiration: Mongolian Death Worm, Centipedes, and a lot of Dungeons and Dragons game-play.


07-21-2015, 02:52 AM
I've just realized that another Trovian (By the name of Frostsaber) also had the Giant Worm Idea, albeit they didn't expand on it as much as I have, but it shows the desire for Giant-Worm-Like-Goliath-Thingamajig Monsters. Great minds think alike, and apparently, so do ours.

Here's his submission, I think we should merge this idea. ;)

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