View Full Version : Zarus, The void apparition

07-20-2015, 08:49 PM
In the bowels of q'bthulus imagination, he dreamt up a creature of the void.

That creatures name is Zarus. Zarus is basically a big purple blobby dude. With the power of the void he can manipulate worlds and cause havok.


Call of the void:
3 players are sent into the void to destroy the void core. The 3 players will have to deal with constantly spawning adds until the core is destroyed. The adds will deal massive damage, so killing them quickly is important. The core will take alot of hits to destroy.

The players who arent in the spirit realm must continue to distract Zarus while the core is being destroyed.

Zarus will use 2 abilities

Totem of recall:

Zarus places a totem, that if not destroyed in 10 seconds, will bring back the players that are in the void. This totem also does damage to all players near it.

Vacuum of the void:

Zarus will create a vacuum at his feet, drawing all trovians towards him and dealing damage. The vacuum is disabled once the players deal x amount of damage to zarus.

Zarus is unkillable untill the void core is destructed. He will hang at 1hp. When killed, the players that are in the void are returned to Zarus's chamber.

Zarus will rarely drop a Void Cloud mount (A purple nimbus recolor) And unique purple styles. Maybe even a tiny ally version of himself

I know this is my second idea, and i hope it is allowed as i love thinking of unique mechanics for these bosses.